Idiom of the Week — “get it/catch on”

Recently I (Mark) started teaching a TOEFL class here at the EC Miami English School.  Students are frequently interested in the TOEFL when they want to work and/or study in the United States.  Often, much like with the Cambridge exams, students will come here to Miami to prepare for their TOEFL exam. But, let’s be … Read more

Idiom of the Week — “back to the same old grind”

Today in the United States, it is Veteran’s Day. On this day, most businesses are closed, as well as the federal government. Veteran’s Day is a day that is used to commemorate the sacrifices that the men and women of our armed services are honored for the sacrifices they gave to this country. We take … Read more

Idiom of the Week — “get into the spirit”

Last week, all of our students (from beginning to those prepping for their TOEFL and Cambridge ESOL Exams) and staff members participated in one of the US’ favorite traditions: HALLOWEEN! Everyone got into the spirit of this “holiday” by dressing up in costume. Other ways we got into the spirit was by playing music with … Read more