Holiday Travel? Plan Ahead!

Happy Holidays!! Here at the EC Miami English School, many students (and teachers alike), are planning to travel during the holiday break.  Our school will not have classes the week of December 23, and many people may be curious how they will be able to travel if they are on an F1 visa.  Remember: Every student on an F1 student Visa are required to be in class studying a minimum of 18 hours per week in order to maintain their status in the United States.  In addition, students must maintain a minimum of 80% attendance (the list is in front of Elisa’s office at the end of Wednesday every week in case you are wondering what your attendance status is).  Students with this visa are also only able to have a session break once per 12 weeks in the country.  These breaks can last for a maximum of two weeks.  However, if the student is going out of the country he/she may go for up to five months, and doesn’t not have to wait the customary 12 weeks of study in order to take it. Some Important Notes: — If EC has a two-week December break, students may not add on to that break (unless they are travelling to their home country — see above). If EC has a one week student break, students may add only one week on to that break. — Students who will depart the US on break MUST provide proof of their departure with a flight confirmation or ticket, their passport and I-20. — Provided student has all documents it will take UP TO 24 HOURS to return signed documents to students. —  I20s must be signed by either Lynnette or Amanda.  There are NO exceptions to this. Of course, one of the reasons the attendance report is posted every … Read more

The Port of Miami – Cruise Destination!

To continue with our goal of giving our EC Miami friends as many fun ideas for things to do during your holiday break in Miami, we wanted to tell you about the Port of Miami. The port is located in downtown Miami near Bayside and it is the location where many cruises depart for the Bahamas and other Caribbean destinations. Some of the large cruise companies that leave from the Port of Miami are Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, and Disney.  If you are anywhere along the bay in downtown Miami or at South Pointe park, you might see some of the enormous ships leaving or arriving into the port. Many of our students at EC Miami are eager to go on a cruise during their time here. EC Miami does not arrange cruises because the immigration laws are different for each student and visa type. Before you decide to go on a cruise, make sure that you talk to your embassy and consult Dipshika about the rules for you and your visa.  If you are okay to go, the next step is to decide where you want to go and for how long. There are many ways to search for possible cruises: you can go directly to the cruise line you are interested in or you can go to a third party site like Expedia or Many of these websites allow you to search by the length of the trip or the destination. You should always make sure that the cruise is leaving from the Port of Miami because this is the closest place to you. Another good way to get a cheap price for a cruise is to go on standby. If you have a flexible schedule, you can show up on the day that a ship or multiple ships … Read more