Happy World Teachers Day!

Today was World Teachers Day, and the teaching staff arrived this morning to discover breakfast being prepared for them! Pancakes, bacon, juice, coffee … Maybe a Mimosa or Two. Thank you Teachers, for all that you do! And an Enormous Thank You to Elisa, Reese, Lynnette, and Amanda for all the hard work they put … Read more

Teachers Encourage Teachers

We already read about Lynnette’s amazing teacher who influenced her life. Now, we are going to read about one of Reese’s most important teachers – Professor Elizabeth Mehren. Reese met Prof. Mehren when she was undergraduate student studying journalism. Although Reese loved to write and Prof. Mehren taught her a lot about reporting and news … Read more

Teachers Love Their Teachers Too!

In honor of World Teachers’ Day, we have decided to continue the theme and ask our teachers who their favorite teachers were when they were in the student chairs. Don’t forget that your teachers were once students just like you! They might not have been English students at EC Miami, but they had to learn … Read more

Teachers of the Month…All of Us!

 This month – October – is a special month for teachers because Friday, October 5th is World Teachers’ Day. We will do another blog post this week explaining everything we have planned to celebrate our teachers on this important day. In October, instead of having a Teacher of the Month, we have decided to have … Read more