A student testimonial of this week – Eu-Tteum Jung

   Each time I think about this student, I come to remember her positive and cheerful sense of achieving her goal. Eu-Tteum was here    to study in General English and FCE Cambridge Exam Preparation course.  While witnessing her growth from the moment she start to learn a foreign language to take a FCE exam with us, I once again agreed  that “all the world is a laboratory” and “learning is a treasure”. Here’s what Eu-Tteum wants to share with you: “Hello, my name is Eu-Tteum Jung and I have been studying here for 4 months by now. I hope my little advise will be helpful for you. During the first month, I tried all my best to make friends here to get to have the most chance to speak in English – meeting with my classmates outside school and participating dynamic school activities after classes. I believe that this is the biggest strength of all about EC Montreal. Because most of students coming here to learn in French already could  speak in English, while enjoying the City of Montreal, I was able to practice my English without any hesitation. Secondly, teachers are another advantage. My teacher could analyze my weaknesses and strengths in detail. During the feedback time, the teacher provided appropriate solutions and advice. After taking General English courses,  with gained confidence and skills, I was able to get in FCE Exam Prep course. My teacher set the individual objectives for each students on each modules and during the class time, she gave us an intensive help focusing on those objectives. This was the most effective and productive help for me to improve my English. Last but not least, if you do not lose your original intention, I believe that you will certainly achieve what you wanted and what you have wanted to accomplish. “

The geneal French courses at EC Montreal

I am back to my task of familiarizing you with the language courses that our school offers and I will introduce you to our general French courses today.   A general language course usually aims at improving the learners’ overall language skills. This is also the case with our course. The students take a palcement test on their first day of school to determine their level. The French placement test has two components :  written and spoken. Once  a student places at a certain level this is where she/he will sepend the rest on the session improving his/her French. Thus, the students get to acquire, practise and improve their speaking, writting, listening and reading. I have started my enumeration with “conversation” because our school teaches the commnicative  approach, the emphasis is on the spoken word. This is an important aspect to keep in mind: although you will improve all of your language skills, we are very much intersted in what you can do /produce with the language that you have acquired.   EC Montreal offers 3 types of programmes  so yo, u can choose the one that fits you better. The core programme is the 20 lessons/week programme, the schedule is 9:00 am- 1:10 pm Monday to Friday. For those who are interested in a more intesive programme, or for students that are in Montreal for a short period of time and want to maximize their learning experience, we offer the possibility of adding 1 or 2 extra lessons (Monday to Thursday ) to the core programme. These lessons are what we call “skilled courses” because they focus on one or two language skills ( depending on the level it could be conversatiom, listening and vocabulary, verb conjugation, etc).  I mentioned earlier  the word ”session” . I did that  because the French prograamme is made up of sessions of 4 … Read more

“EC experience topped my other experiences in all topics!”- Meet Marc Santens!

This Monday late in the afternoon, a smilely student walked in the office to hand in the last week evaluation and he started off saying “merci beaucoup pour tout! (thank you so much for everything!) I really liked all that the school provided! “. It was Marc who came to learn French with us from Belgium 3 weeks ago! I clearly remembered him from our new stduents group photo! Marc’s first day in EC Montreal (4th one from the left) 🙂     As I was listening to  his sweet continuous compliments, I started to think that it would be so great to leave him a memorable “finale” here. Then, he said “I saw that my country was not marked on the world map in the school.  I guess I am the first one from Belgium to come here!” So here we go! Volia! We went to where the world map was on and Marc had his moment to pin his town in the map!   Marc Santens’ moment at EC to spot his city Maarvedal in Belgium! 🙂 Thanks to Marc now we have one more pin on our map! I was glad to know that Marc had an excellent time and memorable ‘finale’ shared with us. We wish you all the success in your studying!  Au revoire et à la prochaine, Marc! Curious about  his sweet compliment? Here is what Marc talks to us about his time on General French course at EC Montreal : ‘”I really enjoyed my stay here in Montreal. Great teachers, great homestay and a wonderful school. I enjoyed the various interesting excursion the school had to offer. The lessons where of a very high quality as well. To summerize it EC is an AWESOME!!! school. It’s worth coming all the way from Belgium for 3 weeks. Keep up the good work!!! I followed a similar course in France last year  for 12 weeks and I’m proud to say … Read more

Friday Nights with EC Montreal!

Every Friday, EC Montreal showcases its amazing nightlife to our clients.  Montreal is known world wide for its thriving clubbing scene.  Every Friday we take our students to the many different clubs around Montreal.  Admission is often FREE with EC!  It’s the perfect way to get the weekend started and to say farewell to the classmates leaving us every weekend!  Tonight we are heading out to Muzique Nightclub!  Tucked away in the upper part of Montreal’s nightlife corridor, Muzique Nightclub is leading the revival of the St. Laurent night scene. Muzique has redefined velvet rope exclusivity, positioning itself as the flagship for all things fabulous in Montreal’s high-end party scene. Attracting a bevy of models, actors and young financiers every weekend to experience Montreal’s most extravagant and exclusive events for the mature and distinguished. The awe-inspiring interior is the perfect backdrop to truly experience the city’s sense of late-night joie de vivre. Having already been featured in New York Magazine as a must not miss destination in the North American party capital and hosting mega celebrities such as Tommy Lee, Guns N Roses, Tiesto, Kimbo Slice, Avicii, poker champion Phil Ivey, number one ranked tennis player Novak Djokovic, Lil Jon, Thomas Gold, Tristan Garner, Funkerman, John Dahlback, Sebastien Drums, Wynter Gordon, Mia Martina, model & socialite Amber Rose, Stromae, The Martinez Brothers, David Vendetta, Cypress Hill, Laidback Luke, Flo Rida and DJ Deadmau5. Muzique has quickly earned the reputation as a global hot spot.

Montréal Nuit Blanche

Go to bed early on Friday because you have a big night coming on Saturday. It’sMontreal’s “Nuit Blanche”. It starts at 8 PM and it ends a couple of hours after the sun rise. For the occasion the Metro is open all night so you don’t have excuses to leave early to catch the last metro at 1AM! The event regroups over 170 activities + hundreds of exhibitions that go on all night. There are 5 areas, the Olympic park, The Plateau/Mile End, The Montreal Underground, The Old Montreal and the Quartier des Spectacles. The activities go from sports to dance to music to underground arts. If there is an activity I have to recommend it would be the Bran Van 3000 show at the Place des Festivals around 8 PM, they come fromMontreal and they always give a good show when they are in town. Or, if you love wildlife, swing by the Biodome at Viau Metro station on the green line, for a unique experience. The nocturnal animals are awake and active, and the dim lighting and the calls of crickets and frogs add to the special atmosphere.  Just a little tip, be prepared and plan in advance your itinerary. Bring warm clothes because you never know what the night reserves you. Have a great time exploring Montreal at night! The “Nuit Blanche”-Laurent

Valentine’s Day is Over but LOVE Stays Forever!!!

Hi Guys, Valentine’s Day might be over but love is here to stay!!  I was talking about Valentine’s Day with some homestay families and WOW you should hear the stories that they relayed to me.  Did you know that a lot of our students have met the love of their lives at EC Montreal?  Can you imagine coming to a new city to study and meeting your life long partner?  It must be magical Montreal because that is exactly what has happened on many occasions.  Students from all over the globe are getting together.  Stay tuned because I have asked our homestay families to send us pictures of the lovely couples.  Peggy Diamantakos

Montreal- best student city in Canada

  I have set myself the task of presenting you with the English and French courses that EC Montreal offers but the title above caught my eye so today I am going a bit off-course because I couldn’t pass the opportunity to let everybody know that studying in Montreal is time well spent!  A new survey by the British firm QS ranks Montreal as the best student city in Canada and 10th in the world! The criteria used was based on student mix, the quality of living, employer activity and affordability. This raking just proves one more time that coming to Montreal to study in a university ( by the way McGill university ranks number 17 in the world at the moment), college or a language school such as ours, can only be a wonderful experience for you! It is also important to note that Montreal has a significalt number of international students, so no matter what country you   are coming from you will have no problem fitting in and making friends. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that the cost of living for a student is lower here than in any other city. Montreal’s very good transportation system including bus, metro and train contribute to this low cost because it is so easy to move around without having to have a car! So, in order to get a true taste of Montreal you definitely have to come and see it for yourself, and I cannot think of a more culturally diverse and bilingual city for you to learn English or French!  EC Montreal it is then!!!  

EC Montreal Supports Local Charities

In December 2004, our school held its first annual Charity Bake Sale & Raffle. Teachers and staff members united with great enthusiasm and team spirit and baked for a cause! The cause has always been local charities. Every year since then, we have held our annual bake sale. This past December, we chose the Shreiner’s Hospital for Children. At the beginning, we knew very little about what they did. After researching them a little more, we were happy to bake and raise funds to benefit them. We wanted to get our students involved in the fundraising and they raised up to the occasion! One class, in particular, had the genius idea of selling raffle tickets to the rest of the students and employees. The winner of the raffle would receive 30% of the amount raised and the charity would receive the remaining 70%. This clever idea worked! This class alone raised over $200!! We contacted our local suppliers, including Solly the Caterer, Espresso Hotel, Staples, Hotel L’appartement and Atti Restaurant, for support. They were more than generous in donating baked goods, cooked food, gift certificates and other products for our raffle. With these donations along with all the baking and contributions from our team, we put together successful selling stations!! We also invited local businesses to attend our event! Within no time at all, we were almost sold out of goodies!! In total we raised $855 for the Shreiner’s Hospital for Children. Recently, the Shreiner’s Hospital contacted us to formally thank us for our contribution and extended an invitation to visit the hospital for a tour. We were honored and touched by this gesture. This past Friday, our Administrative team visited the recipients of our fundraising efforts! We were warmly greeted by the Shreiner’s team. They had a gigantic cheque … Read more

Love was definitely in the air this week….

Valentine’s Day could not be avoided at EC Montreal this week!!  Activities included an attempt at speed dating, which turned into a lovely student meet & greet, our couples competition and our romantic comedy movie marathon in the student lounge!   It was also a blast to see students  searching for hearts hidden around the school!  It was a joy to see them racing into the office with a huge smile on their faces claiming their valentine prize!!   In addition to the school activities, Emmanuel and Andrea included Valentine’s Day themed events in their evening programme this week!  A lovely tour of Romantic Old Montreal as well as Cupid Archery lessons!!  We hope the joy of Valentine’s Day will continue at tonight’s clubbing activity and again on Saturday’s Ottawa Winterlude activity!!  At EC Montreal, Valentine’s Day helped to remind us that we all LOVE what we do and we LOVE that the world truly does come to us!!  

“Montreal en Lumière”

Montreal is well renowned for its festivals. And -20 C outside won’t stop us from having one! “Montréal en Lumière” or Montreal Highlights goes from February 16th to 26th, cultural and gastronomic activities are the mains attractions of this festival. This 11 days event is divided in four parts: Arts and shows, Fine dinning, Outdoor activities and the “Nuit blanche”. A lot of artists come to Montréal for this particular occasion, we can think of Tiken Jah Fakoly, one of the most famous African singers. For the gastronomic part of the festival, different restaurants invites chefs from a specific region of the world every year. This year isBelgium, so a lot ofMontrealchefs take a week off and hand out their kitchen and their staff to an invited chef from this country. Who says “festival” says outdoor activities! It’s cold outside and you probably don’t want to stay to long in the cold weather but that’s whatMontrealen Lumière is all about! There are a lot of outdoor shows and activities and there is only one way to beat the cold: dance and have fun! The fourth part of the Festival is the “Nuit Blanche” and it’s on the night of the 26th as a closing ceremony. But it’s too early to talk about it today, I’ll give you more info in my next post next Thursday… www.montrealenlumiere.com -Laurent