A student testimonial of this week – Eu-Tteum Jung

   Each time I think about this student, I come to remember her positive and cheerful sense of achieving her goal. Eu-Tteum was here    to study in General English and FCE Cambridge Exam Preparation course.  While witnessing her growth from the moment she start to learn a foreign language to take a FCE exam with us, I once … Read more

The geneal French courses at EC Montreal

I am back to my task of familiarizing you with the language courses that our school offers and I will introduce you to our general French courses today.   A general language course usually aims at improving the learners’ overall language skills. This is also the case with our course. The students take a palcement test on their first … Read more

“EC experience topped my other experiences in all topics!”- Meet Marc Santens!

This Monday late in the afternoon, a smilely student walked in the office to hand in the last week evaluation and he started off saying “merci beaucoup pour tout! (thank you so much for everything!) I really liked all that the school provided! “. It was Marc who came to learn French with us from Belgium 3 weeks … Read more

Friday Nights with EC Montreal!

Every Friday, EC Montreal showcases its amazing nightlife to our clients.  Montreal is known world wide for its thriving clubbing scene.  Every Friday we take our students to the many different clubs around Montreal.  Admission is often FREE with EC!  It’s the perfect way to get the weekend started and to say farewell to the … Read more

Montréal Nuit Blanche

Go to bed early on Friday because you have a big night coming on Saturday. It’sMontreal’s “Nuit Blanche”. It starts at 8 PM and it ends a couple of hours after the sun rise. For the occasion the Metro is open all night so you don’t have excuses to leave early to catch the last … Read more

Montreal- best student city in Canada

  I have set myself the task of presenting you with the English and French courses that EC Montreal offers but the title above caught my eye so today I am going a bit off-course because I couldn’t pass the opportunity to let everybody know that studying in Montreal is time well spent!  A new … Read more

EC Montreal Supports Local Charities

In December 2004, our school held its first annual Charity Bake Sale & Raffle. Teachers and staff members united with great enthusiasm and team spirit and baked for a cause! The cause has always been local charities. Every year since then, we have held our annual bake sale. This past December, we chose the Shreiner’s … Read more

Love was definitely in the air this week….

Valentine’s Day could not be avoided at EC Montreal this week!!  Activities included an attempt at speed dating, which turned into a lovely student meet & greet, our couples competition and our romantic comedy movie marathon in the student lounge!   It was also a blast to see students  searching for hearts hidden around the school!  … Read more

“Montreal en Lumière”

Montreal is well renowned for its festivals. And -20 C outside won’t stop us from having one! “Montréal en Lumière” or Montreal Highlights goes from February 16th to 26th, cultural and gastronomic activities are the mains attractions of this festival. This 11 days event is divided in four parts: Arts and shows, Fine dinning, Outdoor … Read more