Montréal Nuit Blanche

Go to bed early on Friday because you have a big night coming on Saturday. It’sMontreal’s “Nuit Blanche”. It starts at 8 PM and it ends a couple of hours after the sun rise. For the occasion the Metro is open all night so you don’t have excuses to leave early to catch the last metro at 1AM!

The event regroups over 170 activities + hundreds of exhibitions that go on all night. There are 5 areas, the Olympic park, The Plateau/Mile End, The Montreal Underground, The Old Montreal and the Quartier des Spectacles. The activities go from sports to dance to music to underground arts. If there is an activity I have to recommend it would be the Bran Van 3000 show at the Place des Festivals around 8 PM, they come fromMontreal and they always give a good show when they are in town. Or, if you love wildlife, swing by the Biodome at Viau Metro station on the green line, for a unique experience. The nocturnal animals are awake and active, and the dim lighting and the calls of crickets and frogs add to the special atmosphere.

 Just a little tip, be prepared and plan in advance your itinerary. Bring warm clothes because you never know what the night reserves you.

Have a great time exploring Montreal at night!

The “Nuit Blanche”-Laurent



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