A student testimonial of this week – Eu-Tteum Jung

   Each time I think about this student, I come to remember her positive and cheerful sense of achieving her goal. Eu-Tteum was here    to study in General English and FCE Cambridge Exam Preparation course.  While witnessing her growth from the moment she start to learn a foreign language to take a FCE exam with us, I once again agreed  that “all the world is a laboratory” and “learning is a treasure”. Here’s what Eu-Tteum wants to share with you:

“Hello, my name is Eu-Tteum Jung and I have been studying here for 4 months by now. I hope my little advise will be helpful for you. During the first month, I tried all my best to make friends here to get to have the most chance to speak in English – meeting with my classmates outside school and participating dynamic school activities after classes. I believe that this is the biggest strength of all about EC Montreal. Because most of students coming here to learn in French already could  speak in English, while enjoying the City of Montreal, I was able to practice my English without any hesitation. Secondly, teachers are another advantage. My teacher could analyze my weaknesses and strengths in detail. During the feedback time, the teacher provided appropriate solutions and advice. After taking General English courses,  with gained confidence and skills, I was able to get in FCE Exam Prep course. My teacher set the individual objectives for each students on each modules and during the class time, she gave us an intensive help focusing on those objectives. This was the most effective and productive help for me to improve my English. Last but not least, if you do not lose your original intention, I believe that you will certainly achieve what you wanted and what you have wanted to accomplish. “



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