The geneal French courses at EC Montreal

I am back to my task of familiarizing you with the language courses that our school offers and I will introduce you to our general French courses today.


A general language course usually aims at improving the learners’ overall language skills. This is also the case with our course. The students take a palcement test on their first day of school to determine their level. The French placement test has two components :  written and spoken. Once  a student places at a certain level this is where she/he will sepend the rest on the session improving his/her French. Thus, the students get to acquire, practise and improve their speaking, writting, listening and reading. I have started my enumeration with “conversation” because our school teaches the commnicative  approach, the emphasis is on the spoken word. This is an important aspect to keep in mind: although you will improve all of your language skills, we are very much intersted in what you can do /produce with the language that you have acquired.


EC Montreal offers 3 types of programmes  so yo, u can choose the one that fits you better. The core programme is the 20 lessons/week programme, the schedule is 9:00 am- 1:10 pm Monday to Friday.

For those who are interested in a more intesive programme, or for students that are in Montreal for a short period of time and want to maximize their learning experience, we offer the possibility of adding 1 or 2 extra lessons (Monday to Thursday ) to the core programme. These lessons are what we call “skilled courses” because they focus on one or two language skills ( depending on the level it could be conversatiom, listening and vocabulary, verb conjugation, etc).

 I mentioned earlier  the word ”session” . I did that  because the French prograamme is made up of sessions of 4 weeks . At the end of the 4 weeks, based on their test results and their attendance in class, the students move to the next level. The levels go from level 1 to level 8. Should the student not meet the passing requirements he/she will have to repeat the level.

The levels accommodate students that range from absoulte beginners to advanced, so you will definitely find the spot that corresponds to your particular learning needs or objectives.


…to be continued with our English programme



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