April Calendar of Events

Spring has sprung and we are excited to introduce our April social events calendar!  We have an amazing variety of activities to offer!    We strongly encourage our student to participate!  This will truly give our clients a taste of all Montreal has to offer.  A must see is the “Butterflies Go Free” exhibit at the Botanical Gardents.  It is an enchanting experience.  This activity will take place the weekend of April 14.  We have also purchased tickets to the new Cirque du Soleil show that will take place on April 25.  No visit to Montreal can be complete without experiencing a Cirque du Soleil show in the big giant tent!!  Montreal is home to this traveling entertainment group and we are extremely proud of this fact!!! 

Meet Montrealers

You want to get out of the beaten path and discover the realMontreal? This website will help you a lot. Charming Montrealers gives you their unique look on the city and special places only known by Montrealers. You can make a reservation and schedule a tour with the Montrealer of your choice and he will take you around the city.  http://www.meetamontrealer.com/ -Laurent

Sugar shack season is almost over

  Sugar shack season is almost over but our students had a blast here at EC Montreal. Students are not the only ones that enjoy sugar shack; our homestay families love it as well. Anna Kellner has been hosting students since 1999.  Anna always says the best part of hosting is showing off her city and all that it has to offer.  She loves teaching her students about our culture and showing them all the exciting places to visit.  When her student Julian from Colombia told Anna he had never tasted maple syrup,  Anna was not going to let Julian go home without the experience of sugar shack.  Anna brought Julian to a sugar shack.  They enjoyed all the festivities,  the traditional buffet lunch, sleigh-ride, tour of the grounds to see how the maple is produced, maple taffy on the snow and of course they couldn’t leave without taking a souvenir photo. Aren’t they cute?  This is one experience that both homestay and student will cherish forever!!

A student testimonial of the week – “Montreal is too good city to keep to myself!”, Soo-Hyun Park

” Montreal is the extraordinary bilingual city.  Although the city is in Canada, because it is in Quebec province, the French culture is deeply rooted. I have always been interested in various languages. Montreal was the most ideal place for me to choose. It is just a fantastic city to learn two languages at the same time! My first goal was to learn English so I also thought about transferring later on to another campus in Canada. But choosing Montreal as my English learning destination was inspirational! As a matter of fact, I am planning to stay here longer! Plus, most people have no problem to speak in English and French. And the sophisticated French influence is seen in the architecture of the city and its gastronomy! For these attractions, I’d like to rank high in my city preference! I believe that Montreal will be the best choice whichever language you are interested in! Relatively low living cost. Full of generous people. Definitely, Montreal is too good city to keep to myself!” – Soo-Hyun Park-

one to one English/French classes

  One to one English and/or French courses are a suitable option for  people that cannot dedicate 4 hours per day every day of the week to the study of English or French, but who need improvement with the language(s).  Often other engagements and responsibilities prevent us from embarking on a full time language course. Although, truth to be told some people would love to take a break from their routines and so something that is both fun and useful: improving or acquiring a new language! So, in such cases the alternative is the flexible schedule that the 1-1 classes offer. One to one instruction is available at all levels of ability. A 1-1 course focuses entirely on the student’s needs.   So whether it is to pass a specialized exam, to function at your new workplace or to socialize this type of course can help. Once you let us know what your specific language needs are, and once your level is assessed,  the teacher will design and tailor a course just for your. At EC Montreal students interested in private tuition usually want to use these classes to prepare for important language exams which once passed would help them further their professional careers. But we do get quite a few demands for conversational English or French also. The minimum number of hours that is required to register for 1-1 lessons is 10, and of course, there is no maximum! And, I have to say it is quite rewarding when a client returns after having passed his/her exam to continue with more 1-1 lessons focusing on conversation, this time!     P.S. : what do you think about the message below? I think it is a valid piece of advise!        

Celebrities LOVE Montreal!

What do Robert De Niro, Tom Cruise, Bono, Ben Affleck and Angelina Jolie have in common?  They all fell in love with Montreal, like dozens of other celebrities.  Their opinions about Montreal are now showcased on-line for the first time in The Montreal Golden Book of Celebrity Quotes (www.montrealcelebrityquotes.com) created by Tourisme Montreal. “It’s quite impressive to see how many celebrities fall in love with Montreal.  They all seem to agree there is something special about the city with its French and English cultures living side by side, its history, nightlife, gastronomy, unique way of life and especially, its high level of safety”, said Charles Lapointe, President and CEO of Tourisme Montreal. Some of the best quotes include well-know celebrities: “I love Montreal.  It’s my favourite North American city.  I was there for a year.  I like the mix of cultures”.  – Actor Nick Nolte. “I used to go to Montreal.  My mother took me to my first hockey game.  In the early 70’s, I used to play ice hockey you know, on the outdoor rinks.  That’s where I learned how to play hockey in Canada, in Montreal, and I’ve been to Montreal on and off over the years.  Great city.  Good restaurants man.  It’s a good place, I like it”.  – Actor Tom Cruise. “Montreal is a great city, a terrific city”.  – Actor Robert DeNiro. “There’s something special about Montreal, I don’t know what it is because I didn’t spend enough time here, but the band is attracted by the city.  Maybe it’s because of the dual culture which, in a way, reminds us of Ireland, or because Montreal is more a cultural center than a political center, or simply because Montreal has some of the most beautiful women I ever saw in my life”.  – Bono, lead … Read more

Osheaga 2012

This week the organizers of the festival announced the line up of the 2012 edition. What is Osheaga? “Osheaga is a unique and eclectic music and arts festival staged in the breath-taking environs ofMontreal’s Parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Sainte-Hélène, an island of tranquility set in the middle of the bustle of one ofNorth America’s most exciting cities” The festival will take place from the 3rd to the 5th of august. It regroups artist from a multitude of different back grounds. Just to give you an idea the festival will host this year, The Black Keys, Snoop Dog, Justice, Florence + The Machine, Metric, Feist, MGMT, Franz Ferdinand, M83, Amadou & Mariam, Aloe Blacc, and a bunch of local groups. You are going to say to me “But we are in March! You are a little bit early.”. Well yeah, if you are planning to come in town at this time of the year and you love music it’s a good idea to buy your tickets soon. The ticket sale starts on Friday march 23rd at noon. -Laurent

Friendships that last forever

YES,  friendships can last forever.  Hosting an international student is advantageous for both students and host families.  For students it is an opportuntity of a life time.  They have the chance to learn about different cultures, learn or improve their English or French and visit a different city other than their own.  This is also true for our host families.  Our host families learn about different cultures and they too have a chance to visit the world. This is Jocelyne Drolet on vacation in China with one of the students she hosted for EC Montreal.  Jocelyne and her husband have been hosting since 2007.  They love the experience and the opportunities that this has brought them. Janet Hardin studied at EC Montreal in 2010.  Last year she invited Jocelyne to join her in China for a vacation of a lifetime.                                                               So yes friendships last forever!!!

A student testimonial of the week – “So many abundant colorful festivals and atttractions!” Jun-Young Choi.

“When I decided to come to Canada to learn English, I chose Montreal as my destination. I barely knew about the city before. However, the more I got to learn about Montreal before making up my mind, the more I felt about its charm then I came to this city.  What caught my attention was the fact that there were not many Korean students comparing to other cities even though Montreal was one of the biggest cities. Also, I could enjoy the advantages of Montreal being big city while appreciating Canadian culture. As Montreal is a bilingual city, there are many chances to be exposed to French. And whenever you are interested, you can learn a new language easily. As for me, because I love travelling, I considered a lot about its proximity with other cities. Montreal is not far from Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto and New York. You can always make some time to visit these cities while staying in Montreal. There are so many abundant colorful festivals and attractions and the weather is not humid.  I am enjoying my time here! I would love to come back again!” -Jun-Young Choi-  

International Business English courses

Yes, you can improve your English skills and get plenty of business related content from this course that EC Montreal offers. This course mirrors the fast changing world of business. The topics covered in it are very generous and they aim to encompass the big business picture. Some examples are : organization, human resources, business ethics and strategies. The main focus of the course is on developing solid business communication skills as well as on building business specific vocabulary. EC’s International Business English course will give you more practice in areas such as exchanging and understanding information, planning and presenting. You will be exposed to various types of business topics, news, reports, most of the teaching materials consisting of authentic texts related to the modern business world. Most of our students tell us that they chose this course because of academic improvement: they either wanted more challenge while learning the language or they were planning to study business related subjects at university. Others , who were already actively working needed the benefits and the insight that the course offers in for their work-place, so what they were learning in class they were applying right away in real life situations. A win-win situation! Did you know… whether you are al German Eurocrat discussing European Union laws in Bruxelles or a Brazilian boichemist at a conference in Sweeden, you’re probably speaking English! English has become the common linguistic denominator