Teens Language Adventure with EC Montreal

This little piece of information might just be the bridge tht connects generations because it may be interesting for both teens and their parents!

 So, if you are a teenager aged 13 to 17 or the parent of a teenager and you are looking for an educational and exciting  summer camp this year, search no more, you are in the right place!

EC Montreal offers a summer programme that caters to your needs from July 2nd to August 17.

The programme combines language courses ( English or French) in the morning with interesting activities in the afternoon and evening.  This is what went down last summer:


It really gives the teens an excellent oportunity to improve their English/French. At the same time the wide range of activities that are offered in the afternoon- from sports to museums and sightseeing make learning fun & easy!

 It is an opportunity to meet teens from so many different countries and to make a lot of friends. Discovering  a lot of interesting places that Montreal has to offer is also part of this language adventure!

So learn & have fun with EC Montreal!




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