Students coming back to visit their homestay families

Marielle Vaillancourt has been hosting for us since 2001.  She has a married son that lives not too far fromMontreal.  Marielle always visits her son and his family during the holidays and loves to bring students with her.  Over the years Marielle has brought a lot of students to different places.  Marielle always says that you know you have done a good job hosting when you receive regular phone calls from your past students inviting you to visit them back home.  You also know that you have done a good job when students return to visitCanadaand the first person they call is you.  This is the case for Diego fromBrazil.  Diego was here in 2004 studying French for 4 weeks.  Diego has kept in touch with Marielle.  Diego returned toCanadalast year to visit.  The first person he called was Marielle.  Marielle was so happy to see him and to hear about all his accomplishments.  When Diego came to visit, Marielle brought him to a very nice Chalet in Sainte Margarite.  Sainte-Margarite is a village and municipality in the Laurentides region ofQuebec,Canada.  It is less than one hour away.  It’s a very beautiful village and has a lot of fun filled family activities.


Here’s a picture of Diego by the lake and Marielle in front of the chalet.




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