Les FrancoFolies of Montréal

  In  June and July, we run into a problem here in Montreal: there’s just too much to do. Choices must be made – and the more things you like, the more difficult it becomes to choose! I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about. If you are a music lover and your choice is the Fra … Read more


I wrote a blog a couple of months ago covering the fact that Montreal is the best city in Canada for student life ( both socially and economically). And it is not me who came up with this verdict, the conclusion is based on serious research. And believe it or not nothing has changed since! The fact … Read more

Mondial de la bière Montréal 2012

The Mondial de la Bière will take place from June 6 to June 10, 2012. This amazing event has on the menu the best beers from here and abroad, initiation workshops and music!! The international beer selection of the Mondial de la bière will be divided in three Petit Pubs this year! The new Latin Peti … Read more

Free Museum Day in Montreal

On Montreal Museums Day (May 27), 29 museums city-wide open their doors for free. If you ever doubted this town’s artsy soul, all you’ve got to do is soak up the air of excitement! STM organizes a free shuttle service that leads a jubilant mob of thousands of visitors and locals alike (130,000 last … Read more

A student testimonial of the week – “I will remember everything! Montreal is the best city in the world!”, Julia Bastidas

I came to Montreal 4 years ago and I loved Montreal. I’ve been learning a lot here at EC. I’ve been improving  my language. My favorite EC activities are parties with Em voyage (EC Montreal activity coordinators) and also the trips! My accommodation was the best as well and yes I would r … Read more