Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada

The Grand Prix of Canada has become an annual event that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists.  It has been staged inCanadasince 1967.  The Montreal Grand Prix is held at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.  Gilles Villeneuve was born inBerthierville,Quebecon January 18, 1950. EC Montreal is located minutes away from all the action.  Every year before the race the cars are on display on Crescent Street minutes away from our school.  Students gather to take pictures and see the cars up close.  It is very exciting.  Our activity coordinators also have tickets available to our students to see the race up close.   EC Montreal’s location is amazing, right in the heart of downtown.  Our Student Residence is also located right in the heart of downtown.  Students staying at the residence have a closer view of all the action.  They are walking distance to all the festivities that are planned around this event.  Crescent Street is just a few blocks from EC’s Student Residence.  LUCKY YOU!!! ENJOY THE FESTIVITIES  

A student testimonial of the week – ” It was an amazing adventure”, Karima Alouazen

  I came to Montreal 3 months ago for learning English. I’ve been improving my English a lot here at EC school. The teachers were like a family. I met people from diffenrent country like Italy, Korea, Japan, Colombia, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. I will never forget this Experience. It was an amazing adventure. Maybe I’ll be back soon 🙂

Les FrancoFolies of Montréal

  In  June and July, we run into a problem here in Montreal: there’s just too much to do. Choices must be made – and the more things you like, the more difficult it becomes to choose! I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about. If you are a music lover and your choice is the FrancoFolies then you are in for  a 10 days treat. For those of you who are not familiar with this festival, Les FrancoFolies de Montréal is a large annual music and performance festival held in the heart of Montreal featuring over 1,000 French-language performers from all over the world, as well as attracting over 500,000 visitors. Many of the performances are free to the public and are held on various stages in the downtown area. Other performances are held at nearby theaters and require that tickets to be purchased to attend. For 23 years now Les FrancoFolies de Montréal has grown to be the true reflection of a thriving French-speaking music world! Nearly 70 indoor shows and 180 free outdoor concerts attest to the effervescent quality, diversity and energy of a music-rich fun-filled program! To summarize, Les Francos in Montreal means 250 shows featuring the most diverse musical trends, 1,000 songwriters, composers, musicians and performers from 15 countries, a multitude of free open-air extravaganzas… and millions of little thrills along the way!…So, what are you waiting for?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?  


I wrote a blog a couple of months ago covering the fact that Montreal is the best city in Canada for student life ( both socially and economically). And it is not me who came up with this verdict, the conclusion is based on serious research. And believe it or not nothing has changed since! The fact that the students have been protesting for several weeks now is just an indication that we live in a democratic society. It does not mean that people should cancel their travel plans or think twice before coming to visit or study in Montreal. I have spoken to many of our EC Montreal students and none of them said that the student manifestations are stopping them from enjoying their time in Montreal. Summer in Montreal is all about people spending time outside, gathering, yes, but for events as the ones you can see in the pictures! So, do not let anything stop you from being in Montreal if that is where you want to be this summer! 

Mondial de la bière Montréal 2012

The Mondial de la Bière will take place from June 6 to June 10, 2012. This amazing event has on the menu the best beers from here and abroad, initiation workshops and music!! The international beer selection of the Mondial de la bière will be divided in three Petit Pubs this year! The new Latin Petit Pub will showcase beers from Argentina, Brazil and Italy. The European Bistro Petit Pub will welcome the beers from Europe: Germany, Belgium, France and Switzerland. While the Petit Pub Oktoberfest (name inspired from the Beer Gardens with picnic tables and gaming area), will offer beers from Canada and the United States. The Beer For Brains Foundation, donating all profits to the Canadian Cancer Society, will organize a tasting of rare beers on Wednesday and Sunday in each of the three Petits Pubs! There will be live brewing demonstrations at the heart of the festival! Biertrotters will have the chance to discover the art of brewing with brewers Marc Bélanger (Broue Pub Brouhaha) and Frédérick Moreau (Archibald). Every day from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. On Wednesday June 6th at 2pm there will be the Music Esplanade’s Inauguration. Jérôme Charlebois and his band will set the mood with a show scheduled at 7:00 p.m. In addition, every day, DJ Lucky Starr, DJ Zombie Mastah and DJ Intime X will entertain the visitors. Speak to Emanuel or Andrea if you want to sign up for this event !!

Free Museum Day in Montreal

On Montreal Museums Day (May 27), 29 museums city-wide open their doors for free. If you ever doubted this town’s artsy soul, all you’ve got to do is soak up the air of excitement! STM organizes a free shuttle service that leads a jubilant mob of thousands of visitors and locals alike (130,000 last year) around five circuits, from one art spot to the other, from 9 am to 4:30 pm. The museums pull out all the stops, often adding animation and special events to their already rich programming. For an added layer to the experience, download the Montreal Museums app for inside info about each place you’re visiting – you’ll also be the first to hear about upcoming exhibitions and events.  We highly recommend you stop by this May 27.

June in Montreal!

June is one of the most anticipated months of year for Montrealers!  We look forward to some of these festivals and events all year long!  The month starts off with the Grand Prix Formula 1 race.  The air in the city is electric!  There are also a ton of celebrity sitings during that week!   Soon after is the International Beer Festival!  What fun!!  It is usually held at the Gare Central – Windsor Station.  It is a gorgeous setting to sample beer and tasy bbq from all over the world. The Six Flags amusement park – LaRonde starts off their season as well as the International Fireworks exihibition! The month ends with the start of the Jazz festival!  Famous musicians from all over the globe come to perform to a sea of people.  The street concerts and performers are outstanding! What a great month we look forward to in Montreal!!  Wishing you a happy June everyone!!

May activities are almost over at EC Montreal

We are almost coming to the end of the May activities.  We’ve had activities like healthy lunches, nature walks exploring our beautiful city, group workouts and much more.  This doesn’t interfere with the regular evening and weekend activities planned by our Activity Coordinators.  These are activities planned by the operations team that take place at the school.  This is a perfect opportunity for staff and students to get to know each other.  Our theme for May was health and fitness.  Did you know that swimming is a lifetime sport that benefits the body?  The health benefits swimming offers are worth the effort it takes to get to the swimming pool, get into your swimsuit, and then get into the pool and swim.  Some EC Montreal students are extremely lucky.  They do not have to go very far to find a swimming pool.  All they have to do is change in the comfort of their own bedroom and go outside to their homestay family’s backyard.  Jump in the pool and enjoy the beautiful weather thatMontrealhas to offer.  How better to end the swim with a nice cold drink and a friendly conversation with the homestay family. Meet Dominique, she’s been hosting for us since 2010.  Dominique really enjoys the outdoors and loves hosting in the summer.  She enjoys sitting in the back yard with the students after a swim and helping them practice the language that they are studying. If you come to EC Montreal in the summer, you might get lucky and get a homestay with a swimming pool.  If not,Montrealhas beautiful outdoor and indoor swimming pools at local parks for students to enjoy.    

A student testimonial of the week – “I will remember everything! Montreal is the best city in the world!”, Julia Bastidas

I came to Montreal 4 years ago and I loved Montreal. I’ve been learning a lot here at EC. I’ve been improving  my language. My favorite EC activities are parties with Em voyage (EC Montreal activity coordinators) and also the trips! My accommodation was the best as well and yes I would recommend EC to a friend!  My  friends are from Colombia, Mexico, Italy, Saudi Arabia and they are amamzing 🙂 I really enjoy the activities and ideas! I will remember everything 🙂 Montreal is the best city in the world! 🙂