A student testimonial of the week – “Montreal’s various festivals, concerts and performances interested me so much” – Jin Kwon


“When I was choosing a language school, I had to select the city as well. I liked EC English Language Centres because unlike any other schools it had a curriculum and through the period C and D as afternoon classes which I could learn freely. The reason I chose Montreal was that personally I studied in art and Montreal’s various festivals, concerts and performances interested me so much.

I took General English, International Business English and Higher Score IELTS Exam Preparation courses. I would like to recommend taking General English if you are at between the beginner and intermediate level, an International Business English for your self-development and IELTS course if you are looking for more intensive and academic class. In person, I’d really love to suggest you taking the courses in this order as I did because it worked for me and I don’t regret!

There were only 2 or 3 Korean students in my class. The higher your level is, the fewer the Korean students are in the class. Based on my experience, it was always great to get along with every students in school. Plus, whoever that are not business related avoided taking International Business English; however, I learned many important techniques such as polite and formal expressions which are useful and necessary to know when you study in English.”

-Jin Kwon-



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