EC Montreal International Business English Project

Last Friday the EC Montreal International Business English ( IBE) class put on their thinking/entrepreneurial hats and came up with  four activities that the school should consider when planning free ( or almost free!) activities for our students. The four teams did serious research work by asking s … Read more

We Work Out!

This past Wednesday EC Montreal staff and students participated in a “bootcamp” exercise class led by our gorgeous & fit Activities Coordinator, Andrea! Participation for this activity was more than we expected!  We were pleasantly surprised by how many students were interested in ge … Read more

The Sunday it’s Piknic Electronik

Summer Sundays afternoons in Montreal use to be all about the Tam Tam’s,  not anymore. There is another event that keeps growing in popularity on Sundays afternoons in Montreal. It’s called the Piknic Electronik and they are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. The “Piknic” as we call it si … Read more

Volunteer for the Just For Laughs Festival

“EC Monteal is proud to partner with the Just For Laughs comedy festival in helping our students gain work experience through their volunteer programme. You can practice your English/French, meet new people, improve your CV, get to know the city and have a wonderful experience! Positions are availab … Read more

One out of 60,860

This passed weekend was a truly memorable one! Besides the fact that the summer weather is making its way into the lives of Montrealers ( which is a memorable thing in itself!)  this passed Saturday will remain in the memory of all those who, fighting the traffic jams and the crowded metro, went to … Read more