Iblogural Post – TLA

Dear EC community

Welcome to yet another TLA portion of EC Montréal. This time, there’s a twist: I’m doin’ the blog thing.

The evening and weekend part of the TLA is just about fully finalized. Only a few finishing touches left to bring to the calendar.


The last few weeks have been very full indeed: calls, emails, reservations, interviews. The TLA is shaping up very, very nicely.


In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing the fully updated evening and weekend calendar of activities. I’ll also be sharing the details about the new activities that have found their way into the calendar as well: highlights and flash.


Not much from me today. Just wanted to introduce myself to the blogging world, and wish you all a very happy opening to Euro 2012 (a beautiful weekend for the Formula 1 Montréal Grand Prix would be very nice, too).


Have fun all of you EC’ers. See you all very soon:)





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