TLA Weekend in Quebec City and Mont-Tremblant!

The TLA students got on the road this past weekend to scope out some of Quebec’s (many) other attractions.


Last Saturday, dozens of teenagers (and their spECtacular EC Leaders) drove off to Quebec City to take in some history and scenery. They were guided around the city and then headed to picturesque Montmorency Falls. It was a hot weekend, so the mist of the falls gave everyone a great chance to beat the heat, while also seeing some of Quebec’s natural beauty.


Last Sunday, another large group of enthusiastic teens visited Mont-Tremblant, a well-known, and well-loved ski resort. Of course, it being summertime, the students were treated to the mountain in the off-season (but it is just as fun under the summer sun as it is covered with fresh powder). They enjoyed the Mont Tremblant Blues Festival, checking out lots of popular artists, checked out the many restaurants and shops in the Tremblant Village, and even took a luge ride down the mountain.


This week, before we even get to our weekend trips to our nation’s capital and the Mont St-Sauveur water park, we are going go-karting tomorrow night.


Lots more to come!



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