Olympic Stage is Set!

We have created an extremely festive stage to enjoy watching the Olympic games.  Themes are very important to us at EC Montreal!  It is important to celebrate each month in a festive and exciting way.  Our August theme, of course, is Olympic dreams!  We have decorated the school with Olympic rings a … Read more

You say Goodbye… I say Hello!

What a Saturday! For the first time since the TLA program began we had to say our goodbyes to some of our Residence students. Eight farewells in one day is not an easy task!! We already miss you all and it will not be the same here without you… but we are all moving on to new adventures and, a … Read more

They LOVE what they do!

This past Wednesday my husband and I joined the EC Montreal sunset boat cruise activity organized by EM Voyage.  Although, the youth around us made us feel 100 years old, we were so impressed by how our activities team interacts with our students.  They must do the same activities year after year, y … Read more

The Light & Heavy Heart – TLA Realities

The TLA program brings together hundreds of extraordinary students every year. Over their time in Montreal, students accomplish great things: learning a new language (or two), coming face-to-face with new cultures, discovering new places and themselves. Students every year return to their home count … Read more

Touring your neighborhood in tricycles

Here’s a new and interesting project in Montreal: the Vélopousse, i.e. a giant tricycle to tour around the neighborhood in. But it is not just any tour: Vélopousse Maisonneuve is the name of a new organization that offers guided tours of the Mercier-Hochelaga- Maisonneuve  neighborhood. It is … Read more

August Theme @ EC Montreal – Corn Fields & Olympic Dreams!

Every month EC Montreal plans a special theme at the school.  In August our theme is Corn Fields and Olympic Dreams.  We are celebrating the London Olympics!  Our themes are reflected in our free school activities; A Taste of Montreal, Sports and team building activities! Why corn?  Quebec is know f … Read more

Fashion & Design Festival – August in Montreal!

Produced and managed by Groupe Sensation Mode, the Montréal Fashion & Design Festival attracts some 500,000 visitors every year since 2000 on McGill College Avenue, at the heart of Montréal. For four days (August 1-4, 2012) this highly glamorous event serves up a varied program that brings toget … Read more

Montreal Image of the Day – Botanical Gardens

Have you been to the Chinese gardens in the Botanical Gardens of Montreal?  They are spectacular!  The Botanical Gardens are located in the East End of Montreal close to the Olympic Stadium.  Wherever you are in the Gardnes you will get a glimpse of the majestic Olympic tower.  The Biodome is also i … Read more

French Movie Day Success!

Yesterday was our French movie day at EC Montreal.  We presented the Quebec made movie, Starbuck.  This movie has was a big winner at the Toronto Film Festival last year.  It was so successful and appreciated that Steven Speilberg purchased the rights to this movie.  He is making a Hollywood version … Read more

yoga… in a Montreal park!

What would be a good way to finish the work week and start the weekend in Montreal? A free Saturday morning of yoga, outdoors maybe!?! If you answered the question with Yesss than you can join  Lolë as they put on a yoga class for over 2000 yogis of all levels, all dressed in white on July 28, at 9a … Read more