Student Testimonial: Yves Julien Adam “EC is a good place, close to the best in the city”

I studied in Montreal for just 6 weeks, it`s an amazing city, crowded with different kinds of festivals like the Jazz Fest and Just for Laughs, the school has a good program to help us with what to do, I mean, in the beginning, because afterward it`s not needed, it`s very easy to manage yourself in the city… The school is very good, good teachers all this necessary things. I am Brazilian and is my destiny to find Brazilians everywhere, but not just Latin Americans that come to study here, I made a lot of friends of the most different places. Canadians are very reliable when information is need and overall the city is very secure, just the metro is not that good. I really recommend Montreal and the EC is a good place, close to the best in the city. Hope to help somebody.



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