TLA Weekends

The most ambitious activities every summer come from cities Outside Montreal. Weekends offer new experiences well outside this beloved city of ours.



Even though the TLA may makes a second trip to Quebec City, there is still no shortage of students having fun. We love giving even more amazing teenagers the chance to visit one of Canada’s richest histories, all the while offering tons of new sights and experiences.


This year, it seems the Montmorency Falls have been the biggest (possibly, quite literally) attraction.


We have also had our annual trip to Ottawa. Students were shown even more history of this great country of ours, especially Parliament Hill. They saw the Rideau Centre, and the National Art Gallery, while also getting a walking tour of the city, seeing many different sights and sounds of the city.


The fun never stops during a TLA Summer! Weekdays are just the start; weekends offer even more opportunities for excitement!




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