TLA – Our Lovely Leaders

Many know about the fun our students have each and every day during the TLA, but few actually get to see how that fun truly develops.


Of course, Laurent and I work tirelessly to organize and implement what we feel are the best activities possible, but this post is dedicated to the ones in white. Their characteristic white polos make them visible from far away, and they are made all the more visible from the whites of their beaming smiles 🙂


This is the last week of the TLA, and I would me remiss if I did not acknowledge the tremendous contribution of the EC Leaders. Alex, Sara, Shaun, Milena, Charmaine and Sarah have made this summer incredibly special. They keep our students happy, excited, educated, interested, and safe. They do this each and every day, in a number of different settings – in the Old Port, on the Lachine Canal, out west, out east, up north, down south. They get wet in pools and canoes, and try and stay dry out in the rain. They scale walls, climb trees, walk tightropes, dance, sing, laugh, and smile.

These are the people whom students most associate with EC.  They are the people who see our students every day. Far away from their families and friends, TLA students – while quite independent and resourceful on their own – rely on our leaders for quite a bit.


Our leaders have done an incredible job this summer. They embody the beauty of EC: intelligence, humour, compassion, strength, and unbridled ability.



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