September 30 is the Last Piknic Electronik of the Season…

Summer is definitely behind us. That means, by the way, the end of the Piknic season.  For those of you who are not familiar, Piknic Electronik takes place every Sunday during the summer season at Parc Jean Drapeau on St. Helen’s Island.  It is an outdoor electronic music festival.  All summer … Read more

Homestay Recipe – Louise Menard

Thank you Louise for sending us this wonderful fall recipe.  We are happy to share it with our students!  Our homestays do such an incredible job of providing a home away from home for our students.  A home that provide such love, warmth and wholesome cooking! We will definitely give these walnut st … Read more

Montreal is BIG on Bring Your Own Wine!

In Montreal, bring-your-own-wine (BYOW) are really popular – probably a reflection of how deeply entrenched wine culture is here. You can find everything from BYOW Greek to BYOW Vietnamese restaurants in most any neighbourhood. This concept is also reflective of Montreal’s lower cost of living … Read more

Haunted Oktoberfest Theme is on Display!

Our sinful September has sadly come to an end – we quite enjoyed our overindulgence of appletinis, wine and apple pies!!  It was a delicious month and quite festive. Monday is October 1st and we have an amazing month planned for our students.  October’s theme is HAUNTED OKTOBERFEST!  We … Read more

Kinga Kirylczuk’s Last Day…

Today is Kinga’s last day at EC Montreal.   She has an amazing school spirit and the brightest smiles!!  She has been studying French in Montreal for the past 6 weeks and successfully completed Niveau 5, 6 & 7!! She was kind enough to write a testimonial sharing her experience with all of … Read more

Happy Korean Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Korean friends!!  This year the holiday falls on Sunday, September 30.  If you are looking for somewhere to celebrate Korean Thanksgiving, try out the amazing downtown Korean restaurant, Atti!  It is located at 2077 University Street. Starting today until Saturday night … Read more

Black & Blue Festival: From October 3 to 9

Black & Blue Festival: Thousands of people will flock to the Palais des congres in Montreal to celebrate life and dance until the sun does down… and comes back up again! The theme this year is “Evolution” and invites people to forget about those crazy “end of the world” prophecies and just enjoy … Read more

Student Testimonial: David Rodriguez from Spain

Montreal an incredible experience! Montreal offers you all you would like to do. EC Shcool is located in DowTown city centre in a really cool place. People, classes everything is really nice new and good looking. No matter which language you are studying you will find your place here. Come to Montre … Read more