September 30 is the Last Piknic Electronik of the Season…

Summer is definitely behind us. That means, by the way, the end of the Piknic season.  For those of you who are not familiar, Piknic Electronik takes place every Sunday during the summer season at Parc Jean Drapeau on St. Helen’s Island.  It is an outdoor electronic music festival.  All summer long Montrealers have been flocking to the island on Sunday afternoons to get together, to forget about the previous work week and try to ignore the work week to come, and enjoy an outdoor dance party!!  It has been an incredible summer season!  The weather in Montreal was amazing this summer.  We did not get much rain, which means participation in these outdoor festivals was extremely high!  And as much as we love to revel in summer nostalgia we can use this as a chance to look ahead at all the wonderful things in Montreal yet to come this fall and winter! This year organizers have chosen an Igloofest @ Piknic theme for the final Sunday Piknic Electronik!  They are heating up a batch of mulled wine to keep everyone toasty.  They are also planning the annual one-piece snowsuit contest.  They are setting up a photo stand where you can have your vintage one-piece photo taken. For those who participate, they are drawing tickets for Igloofest 2013 too! All you have to do is identify yourself in the photos on Facebook, which will be posted the next day. We hope you participate in the very last Piknic Electronik of the season!! Next in line is Igloofest! And that makes us happy just thinking about it!  We will be counting the days until it begins!  Whether it is 30 degrees in the summertime or -30 degrees in January, Montrealers like to party, outdoors!  ….really!

Montreal’s Burlesque Festival – Catch the Last Show Tonight!

For the fourth consecutive year, the countess Scarlett James and Montreal’s Burlesque Productions have put together a weekend full of glitter, sensuality, fishnet stockings and lavish dances.  These international performers will reveal their very best assets – pun intended! Tonight, Saturday, September 29, the Crystal Gala will take place at Club Soda, located at 1225 St. Laurent Blvd.  The night will bring lots of surprises and a variety of performances.  The doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8.  You can still get tickets at the door.  There is nothing dirty about a Burlesque show!  The dances and costumes are all extremely tasteful and it is definitely considered performance art.  Have you ever been to the Moulin Rouge show in Paris?  Thousands flock to these shows every week to experience this kind of performance.  The atmosphere is full of humor, feathers and sparkle! It will surely be a fabulous evening with music, girls and lots of fun!  This is a cabaret night in spirit of the 30s, 40s and 50s where ladies in the audience have as much fun as the girls on stage and give our city an entertaining show and a memorable evening. This form of art is being revived in Montreal with lots of glamor and dazzle.  The shows are described more as sexy than sexual.  The girls do strip down to their panties but it is all done in a very fun and tasteful way. If you want to get tickets for tonight’s show, you can get them online at  Tickets are only $44.50 each.  

Homestay Recipe – Louise Menard

Thank you Louise for sending us this wonderful fall recipe.  We are happy to share it with our students!  Our homestays do such an incredible job of providing a home away from home for our students.  A home that provide such love, warmth and wholesome cooking! We will definitely give these walnut sticks a try!

Montreal is BIG on Bring Your Own Wine!

In Montreal, bring-your-own-wine (BYOW) are really popular – probably a reflection of how deeply entrenched wine culture is here. You can find everything from BYOW Greek to BYOW Vietnamese restaurants in most any neighbourhood. This concept is also reflective of Montreal’s lower cost of living than most Canadian cities.  The restaurant bill is considerable cheaper without any alcoholic beverages added.  A lot of other Canadian cities have BYOW restaurants, however, they charge an uncorking fee.  Montreal restaurants DO NOT charge extra to uncork the bottles.  Lucky us!!  

Haunted Oktoberfest Theme is on Display!

Our sinful September has sadly come to an end – we quite enjoyed our overindulgence of appletinis, wine and apple pies!!  It was a delicious month and quite festive. Monday is October 1st and we have an amazing month planned for our students.  October’s theme is HAUNTED OKTOBERFEST!  We will be celebrating Thanksgiving, Oktoberfest and Halloween!! Since our cocktail lounge has become quite a popular activity, we will have to repeat it!  On October 3rd, we will have a Bloody Cocktail Lounge, serving spicy bloody cesars!  yummmm!  We can’t wait! October 8 is our Canadian Thanksgiving, so in honour of this thankful, reflective time, we are asking students to write down on a decorative pumpkin what they are thankful for this year.  We will then hang all the pumpkins on what we are calling the TREE OF GRATITUDE!  It is going to be spectacular to see such a positive tree full of thanks! On October 17, we will be German for a day, celebrating Oktoberfest with sausages and beer!  Prost! On October 24, we will be showing a series of horror movies to get students excited about Halloween.  Halloween is very much celebrated in Canada!  Everybody enjoys dressing up and goofing around on the 31st of October. We look forward to throwing our annual Halloween bash on the 31st.  We will be serving lots of candy of course and admiring everyone’s creative costumes. The lounge is decorated with the fall colours of orange, cold and red.  We hope this will inspire our students to attend all our wonderfully planned events!!

Kinga Kirylczuk’s Last Day…

Today is Kinga’s last day at EC Montreal.   She has an amazing school spirit and the brightest smiles!!  She has been studying French in Montreal for the past 6 weeks and successfully completed Niveau 5, 6 & 7!! She was kind enough to write a testimonial sharing her experience with all of you! We are going to miss you Kinga!  Aurevoir!! My experiences in beautiful Montreal! My first weeks in Montreal have been very exciting! The city is very big and multicultural and you got a lot of things you really need to visit. Besides, I decided to learn french in a language school which is called EC Montreal. I’m really glad about this decision because I met lots of poeple from all over the world and it”s just a great experience for me. Moreover, the school is technologically advanced level with WiFi, digital blackboard and so on. The staff is definitely pleasant and attentive and the atmosphere is truly nice. I would definitely advice to visit this city and to take classes at EC Montreal.


There are a lot of benefits from choosing homestay.  Your homestay could be a single woman or man, couple with or without children or a single woman with children.  Choosing homestay will not only help you improve the language that you are studying but will teach you about other cultures.  Students travelling abroad to learn French or English are always fascinated about what they have learned about the Canadian way of living.  One subject that students love to talk about is food.  Students are always eager to try different foods in homestay.  The same goes for our homestay’s.  We at EC Montreal encourage our students to have an international night.  Students are encouraged to cook one of their favorite meals from back home. Meet Martina and IIara from Italy.  The girls are here for only two weeks and were thrilled about cooking an authentic Italian meal for their homestay. Buon appetito!!

Happy Korean Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Korean friends!!  This year the holiday falls on Sunday, September 30.  If you are looking for somewhere to celebrate Korean Thanksgiving, try out the amazing downtown Korean restaurant, Atti!  It is located at 2077 University Street. Starting today until Saturday night they will be giving out Song Pyeon (rice cake with sesame and sugar inside) to celebrate the biggest Korean holiday!!

Black & Blue Festival: From October 3 to 9

Black & Blue Festival: Thousands of people will flock to the Palais des congres in Montreal to celebrate life and dance until the sun does down… and comes back up again! The theme this year is “Evolution” and invites people to forget about those crazy “end of the world” prophecies and just enjoy each moment we have here to the fullest, all while supporting a great cause… Black & Blue is all about creating a space that is filled with positive energy, respect, fun and even love. The main event will take place Sunday, October 7 and, like the past 21 editions, will feature the best local and international DJ’s like the UK’s Gareth Emery, Holland’s Sander van Doorn David Morales from the United States, and Montreal’s own Stephan Grondin. The Black & Blue main event boasts three rooms: The Black Room, The Blue Room and the Chill Lounge. For a full list of DJ’s spinning in each room. Black & Blue Festival is an entire weekend of pre-parties, parties, pre-recovery parties and recovery parties. Kickstarting the whole thing will be a Launch Cocktail at Club 737. That’s the club on the roof of Montreal’s famed Place Ville-Marie, for directions look up at the sky and head towards the giant spinning spotlights. Tickets are $15 at the door and include two drinks, but is free for anyone with a Black & Blue VIP pass.

Student Testimonial: David Rodriguez from Spain

Montreal an incredible experience! Montreal offers you all you would like to do. EC Shcool is located in DowTown city centre in a really cool place. People, classes everything is really nice new and good looking. No matter which language you are studying you will find your place here. Come to Montreal and you will never forget it !!!