Student Testimonial of the Week: Nina Luisa Holzmann from Germany

I always knew that I wanted to go to Montreal for a few weeks, because here I have the great possibility to imprive my French AND my English!  And that is what I did!!  In my class I learned a lot of new expressions, vocabulary and of course la grammaire!  After school we had activities which were interesting with great leaders and our friends made it all so much fun!

My friends are from everywhere in the world:  Brazil, France, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany… I really hope I’ll see them again one day!  I did so many crazy things with them!  In the end I want to say that I’m very happy I came here to Montreal.  All the htings I did, the experiences I made, the fun I had are something I’ll never, never forget!  Thank you EC Montreal, my leaders and all the people who came here and made my vacation unforgettable!!



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