Discover Griffintown!

On our last day of summer, we decided to have a girls night out and drink a summery margarita!!  We head out to an area of the city called Griffintown.  It is an up and coming neighborhood.  There are a lot of condo developments in this once run down area.  A lot of new trendy restaurants, bars, shops and cafes are surfacing as well.

This area is really close to the city center and is still relatively inexpensive!

We celebrated the last day of summer at a restaurant called Limon.  We had a couple of their tasy margaritas and sampled some very delicous Mexican dishes; guacamole, calamari with a chipotle dipping sauce, cochinata pibil and enchelatas!  Every dish was yummier than the last.

If you are in the mood for some fabulous Mexican food – take a walk down to Notre Dame and give it a try.  It will not disappoint!  You can also check out the very cute shops in the area.  There is one shop that sells very unique Montreal souvenirs.  It is called “Fait ici” – translation – Made here!  We picked up some adorable ceramic poutine bowls.

While you are visiting Montreal, we encourage you to discover the neighborhood of Griffintown!



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