Meet Renee Lee!

Renee is our newest EC Montreal staff member.  She will be joining the team as a student counselor on October 1st!  We are delighted to be welcoming her to EC!

Renee is very bright, well educated and professional.  She finished top of her class in her studies.  We are confident she will do great things at EC Montreal!!

We thought it would be a hoot to interview her so you can all meet the fun side of Ms. Renee Lee!


Who are you wearing?

Jewelry:  Guess

Jacket:  Ralf Lauren

Dress:  Dynamite

Purse:  Burberry

Shoes:  Naturalizer

Tights:  The Bay

Make-up:  Lancome


Tell us about yourself!!

Favorite designer:  Gucci

Fashion Idol:  Jennifer Anniston

Passion:  Travel

Pet peeve :  negativity

Favorite gelato :  coffee

Favorite actor :  Leonardo DiCaprio

Favorite beer :  Stella Artois

Must have in your pantry:  chocolate chip cookies

Mountain or ocean:  ocean

Favorite boutique:  Bedo

Favorite restaurant:  Gibbey’s

Favorite dish?  Escargots & steak dinner

Favorite aperitivo?  Beer

Best coffee in montreal?  Art Java

Best pizza?  Pizzeria Napolitana

Favorite snack?  Guacamole

Best bar in Montreal?  Jardins Nelson

Favorite street in Montreal?  University street

A thing about you that would surprise most people?  I drink like a fish!

You know when you are a Montrealer when or if?  People from other provinces say I am an aggressive driver.

Best way to feel Korean in Montreal?  Cheering Korea on at the world cup soccer or Olympics.

Describe your ideal day on Sunday in Montreal?  Going to Old Montreal and having a cold beer on a terrace.

Describe your ideal night out in Montreal?  Same as above

Favorite word:  Travel

Least favorite word:  no

What turns you on? Vacation

What turns you off? Coming home

What sound do you love?  Singing

What sound do you hate?  A baby crying

What is your favorite curse word?  Damn

What profession would you like to attempt?  Hotel owner/manager

What profession would you not like to do?  Teach

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear god say when you arrive at the pearly gate?  Your family is waiting for you





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