Kinga Kirylczuk’s Last Day…

Today is Kinga’s last day at EC Montreal.   She has an amazing school spirit and the brightest smiles!!  She has been studying French in Montreal for the past 6 weeks and successfully completed Niveau 5, 6 & 7!!

She was kind enough to write a testimonial sharing her experience with all of you!

We are going to miss you Kinga!  Aurevoir!!

My experiences in beautiful Montreal!

My first weeks in Montreal have been very exciting! The city is very big and multicultural and you got a lot of things you really need to visit. Besides, I decided to learn french in a language school which is called EC Montreal. I’m really glad about this decision because I met lots of poeple from all over the world and it”s just a great experience for me. Moreover, the school is technologically advanced level with WiFi, digital blackboard and so on. The staff is definitely pleasant and attentive and the atmosphere is truly nice. I would definitely advice to visit this city and to take classes at EC Montreal.



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