EC Montreal would like to wish all their students a “SAFE AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN”. Who said coming to study abroad can’t be fun?  EC Montreal loves Halloween.  Staff at EC Montreal is looking forward to the activities planned for the day.  Students look amazing with their costumes and we can’t wait for … Read more

Oldwig: Vintage Shopping Extravaganza!!

There will be a really cool vintage clothing sale called OLDWIG taking place at La Plaza St-Hubert located at 6550 St-Andre Street.  Fashion lovers who adore the retro and vintage style should definitely attend.  It will be a perfect opportunity to add flare to your wardrobes!  There will be over 20 … Read more

Jorge Don’t Go!

Jorge Rodea Vara, from Mexico, has been studying at EC Montreal since February 2012.  He came into the office today to ask for his certificates because it is his last week.  We all simultaneously said NOOOOOOO, DON’T GO!!!  We are going to miss him so much.  He is one of those students that ge … Read more

“Fall” in Love with Montreal!

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year!  The weather is still mild enough but the colours around us are just spectacular!  The sun shines down on our maple trees and they look absolutely majestic!  They glow in hues of red, gold and fiery orange!  It is such a joy to take a walk on one of the m … Read more

Montreal’s Celebrity Chefs!

Montrealers LOVE to eat!  We have quite the refined palate.  This city has over 6000 restaurants on the island of Montreal alone!  Whatever you are in the mood for, Montreal can deliver! Cooking shows have become more and more popular in North America.  People just love watching the Food Network and … Read more

Montreal’s Love of Halloween!

Montreal’s love of Halloween is in full effect this week, so don’t be surprised to see costumed Montrealers wandering the streets and bellying up to the bars all around town – though they might leave the blood and gore at home while taking in film fest screenings, Restaurant Week gourmet food, perfo … Read more

Circus Show @ La Tohu!

Hope you have all purchased your tickets to the circus!  It is on our social events calendar tomorrow evening!  The show takes place at La Tohu where all the Cirque du Soleil performers train!  It is a must see venu as it is a true landmark in Montreal.  The building itself is also a recycling museu … Read more

Meet our New EC Montreal Students!

It was a pleasure meeting this vibrant group of students this morning.  They are so eager to begin their Montreal adventure, despite the cold weather today! What a nice mix of cultures we welcomed today!  We have students from Spain, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France and Turkey!