One of the main reasons that Shelly-Ann decided to host was because of her children.  Shelly-Ann was referred to EC Montreal by a current homestay.  She explained to Shelly-Ann the joys of hosting and told her that this could be an excellent learning opportunity for her children as well.  Shelly Ann decided to try hosting and she absolutely loves it.  Shelly-Ann agrees that hosting has given her the opportunity to open her home to international students studying English abroad but it is also giving her children the opportunity to learn about different cultures as well.  Shelly –Ann has seen a big difference in her children’s behaviour when it comes down to learning.  They are more enthusiastic about school and want to learn more languages as well.   Providing an international student a safe home to live and learn is a unique opportunity for both the student and family.

Patricia from Spain stayed with the family for four weeks.  Patricia was looking forward to going home in the evening so she can interact with the children.  They would talk about what they each learned in school that day and then they would play different games together.

Below are pictures of Patricia with her homestay mom, homestay brother and sister.



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