Student Review: Valeria Toro from Colombia!

The greatest of experiences

I’ve been studying in EC Montreal for 1 month now. It has been a great experience. The classes are really good, you learned a lot. Teachers are interested in you actually applying what you learn in your daily life. They combine theory with practice, so they do a lot of group work, presentations, and dynamic activities among other things. Not only the teachers are incredible but the staff and the people you find in the school. The school has activities almost every day; they are very interesting activities with which you get to see all the important places in Montreal, and all Canada, even United states too. In addition you get to meet people from all around the world; you get to make very good friends. In the school you feel really comfortable, like we all become a family sort of. I recommend EC Montreal because for me is one of the best schools in terms of the classes (academic department) and in terms of the environment you are placed in. It’s just a great place to be.



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