our students are getting involved

Yesterday I was invited by our upper- intermediate class to give them more information about the organisation we are fundraising for: the Shriner’s Children Hospital in Montreal. I was very pleased to do it!  Together with their teacher, Mary, they are putting together a group of activities, like a carnival in the EC Montreal student lounge, to raise money for charity. They are planing to do it the day before the actual fundraiser. It has thus become a class project where they have to design a marketing plan and go class to class to promote it, thus getting the rest of the school engaged. The picture at the top shows Mary’s International Business class, back in October whem they prepared a Halloween related project. Good luck : Claire- Marie, Anne-Clotide, Renato, Laura, Camilo under the guidance of Mary!

End of Season Newsletter!

Our operations team had an amazing time putting together our end of season newsletter.  It gave us a chance to look back at all we have accomplished with our EC Montreal students during our fall months and an opportunity to look ahead at an exciting winter season! We hope you will enjoy reading it as much as our operations team enjoyed writing our articles.

Comfort Food on a Snowy Day in Montreal!

Today was our last Soulful November free activity – we saved the best for last!!  We served our EC Montreal students and staff Canada’s number 1 comfort food – Grilled Cheese sandwiches!!  We couldn’t have picked a better today becuase today Montreal had its first real snow fall!  There is nothing more comforting than savouring warm, gooey, delicious snacks on a cold snowy day!! Our dynamic Paula and Renee prepared the most wonderful sandwiches for everyone!  The entire school smelled absolutely devine!!  Students kepted coming back for more!! Another successful Taste of Montreal event here at EC Montreal!  A perfect way to end the month of November!!

Let’s fill up the boxes! (CTV’s Spirit of Giving)

All of us at EC  Montreal always seek and find a way to support our community and people in need. This year, we decided to support CTV’s Spirit of Giving Food and Toy Drive and donate all proceeds collected from our 9th Annual Bake Sale, which will take place on Friday, December 14th,  to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children as we did last year. We are also having a class competition for CTV’s Food and Toys Drive to encourage our students to participate.        Eveline and Janine Andrea     Renata Eveline, Janine Andrea and Renata in our French programme generously donated canned food and snacks with a big smile 🙂 Thank you! The Drive will continue until  Tuesday, December 11, and hopefully we will have all the boxes filled with lots of goodies and love!  

Champ de Mars Metro Station in Montreal Makes the Top 10 World’s Most Beautiful Subway Stations!!

Champ-de-Mars Station opened on October 14th, 1966, as part of the initial subway network of Montreal. Situated in Old Montreal in the Ville-Marie borough, the station is now on the Orange Line of the Montreal Metro rapid transit system. The station is particularly spectacular on a sunny day, when light enters the stained glass windows by Automatiste painter Marcelle Ferron. The windows comprise of of the artist’s masterpieces and according to some, are her most famous work. Back in 1968, they were given by the Government of Quebec as the first work of non-figurative art commissioned for the metro. EC Montreal takes students to visit Old Montreal every month.  A guided tour of the old town is always on our monthly social events calendars.  Champ de Mars Metro station is the closest metro station to Old Montreal! Check out all 10 subways that made the list!!  http://delightfull.eu/blog/2012/11/10-worlds-most-beautiful-subway-stations/

Teaching English & making a difference in the community

Every year, around this time we start the preparations for our charity work. Last year we had our 8th annual Christmas bake sale to the benefit of the Montreal Shriner’s Hospital for Children and we also filled up lots of boxes for the CTV’s Spirit of Giving Campaign. We actually had a class competition going on and the winning class was out Higher Score IELTS class, teacher Mary, followed closely by teacher Djamel’s French class. Mary’s class was the winning class also because she had told the students that she would match the total number of unperishable food items! And she did it, thus conveying  a very important message to her students: even the smallest contribution makes a huge difference, and when we are all working towards the same goal the results are amazing. She already told us that she will involve her English intermediate class as much as possible so that  we can beat last year’s record in terms of full boxes of food and toys and money raised.  Our 2011 Charity bake sale raised a total of $855.00. This year’s Bake Sale, which will be held on the 14th of December, has to beat the 2011 one! And it loooks like it will because it will be a whole day event: breakfast, yummy treats and lunch in our EC MOntreal student lounge, all homemade products! Thank you Mary, Djamel and thank you to all the other teachers that will make this year’s   Holidays Charity fundraising a success for the school! Good luck in this year’s classes competition And thank yoou for teaching students from all 4 corners of the earth, that giving feels good!

Student Review: Dennis Barth from Switzerland

Great Place with a good atmosphere to learn or improve a language I have been in EC Montreal for 3 months to study French. Montreal as a city is great to study English or French. With EC you get the perfect partner to improve your language. You can chose between those two language for studying or you can improve them at the same time with the possibility of adding one or two afternoon lessons to your program. With the co-op. program you even get language experience while working at the same time. I was very satisfied with EC and would recommend it to my friends. I had a great time here.

Welcome New Students!

EC Montreal welcomed a small group of students from Italy, France and Switzerland!  They are so happy to be here in Montreal despite the colder weather!  They look forward to spending their holiday season with us! We will do our best to ensure their stay is a memorable one!  Make sure to join us at the welcome party tonight so you can say hello to them in person!!

Share your love this holiday season – Annual Food & Toy Drive

Every year, EC Montreal gives back to the community during the holiday season.  We chose 2 charities and devote a lot of our time, energy and enthusiasm to the causes.  This year we will be collected food and toys for CTV’s Spirit of Giving Campaign.  We will be encouraging all our students to donate at least 1 can good or toy.  All the contributions of non-perishable food, toys and toiletries will be distrubuted to selected charities througout the Island of Montreal this holiday season. The donation boxes will be picked up by CTV on December 11.  We need to ensure the boxes are filled to the rim so many Montrealers in need will have a Happy Christmas!  We will be holding class competitions to see which class came up with the most donations!!  There will be a sweet prize for the winning class! On December 14, we will be holding our 9th Annual Charity Bake Sale.  All the money raised will be donated to the Shreiner’s Hospital for Children.  They are an organization that has really touched our hearts with all they do for sick children WORLD WIDE! The next time you are in a grocery store or the Dollarama right downstairs, pick up a canned good or toy and drop it off in the donation box in the office!! We thank you, in advance, for your generosity this holiday season! GIVING FEELS SO GOOD!!!  It is the best gift you can give yourselves!

Joyful December! – check out our December social events calendar!

What a festive month we have to look forward to this December!  Emmanuel & Andrea have put together a social events calendar packed with parties, Christmas shows and weekend excursions.  There is surely something for everyone! EC Montreal students will truly get a taste of the holiday season by participating in all we are offering next month!  For many it will be their first Christmas away from home and we need to ensure they don’t feel like they missed Christmas this year!  We want them to enjoy all the celebrations our magical city has to offer!