GSP is back in the game!

Georges St-Pierre (GSP) is a mixed martial artist from Montreal and is recognized as one of the best fighters in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Even people who do not enjoy watching the fighters inside the octagon love him because his humor and charming personality. In fact, he was the Canadian Athlete of the Year in 2008, 2009 and 2010! Unlike many UFC fighters who leave their hometown to train in the States after they become famous, Georges still lives and trains in Montreal because he just loves Montreal where his family and friends are. I actually met him at a spa last year and had a chance to take a picture(see above)! He was really nice not only to me, but to everyone else who was practically following him around 🙂

After 19-month absence due to injuries, GSP will be back at the Bell Centre in Montreal to fight Carlos Condit tomorrow night (Saturday, November 17) to keep his title as the Welterweight Champion. Montrealers will be cheering for him all around the city! Go GSP!



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