Sending postcards back home

Natalie came to study English abroad from Switzerland.  She was overwhelmed with the beauty of the city. Montreal provides a legacy of historic and architectural interest, especially in the downtown area where EC Montreal is conveniently located.  Natalie couldn’t wait to return home to show her pictures so she decided to send some postcards to her family and friends. Her only dilemma was which ones to choose.  With so many famous landmarks and scenic views of the city Natalie decided to buy quite a few to send back home.  With the help of her homestay they chose different postcards, wrote appealing messages and went to the post office together to mail them off to Switzerland. Of courses her homestay had to take a picture of Natalie’s enthusiasm. As you can see below Natalie is standing in front of a mail box ready to toss the postcards in with a huge smile on her face.



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