Champ de Mars Metro Station in Montreal Makes the Top 10 World’s Most Beautiful Subway Stations!!

Champ-de-Mars Station opened on October 14th, 1966, as part of the initial subway network of Montreal. Situated in Old Montreal in the Ville-Marie borough, the station is now on the Orange Line of the Montreal Metro rapid transit system. The station is particularly spectacular on a sunny day, when light enters the stained glass windows by Automatiste painter Marcelle Ferron. The windows comprise of of the artist’s masterpieces and according to some, are her most famous work. Back in 1968, they were given by the Government of Quebec as the first work of non-figurative art commissioned for the metro.

EC Montreal takes students to visit Old Montreal every month.  A guided tour of the old town is always on our monthly social events calendars.  Champ de Mars Metro station is the closest metro station to Old Montreal!

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