Sending postcards back home

Natalie came to study English abroad from Switzerland.  She was overwhelmed with the beauty of the city. Montreal provides a legacy of historic and architectural interest, especially in the downtown area where EC Montreal is conveniently located.  Natalie couldn’t wait to return home to show her pic … Read more

Dining out on a budget…

The Island of Montreal has many restaurants – over 6000 and many offer very good prices.  Montreal TV has put together a list of suggested restaurants for your next INEXPENSIVE outing with friends.  These suggestions are good for any occasion and perfect for those of us on a budget and being extra c … Read more

Student Testimonial: Mayanin Pineiro from Mexico!

I have really enjoyed my experience at EC Montreal.  My English improved a great deal.  I have learned many things and I was charmed by the city of Montreal for its great mix of cultures.  We can learn so much about other people and their cultures. I will definitely recommend EC Montreal to all my f … Read more

Christmas is coming….

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at EC Montreal!  We have a month of festive, celebratory FREE activities planned for our students!  We begin the month with tree trimming parties.  We will set the stage with upbeat Christmas songs and serve traditional holiday refreshments.  The follow … Read more

Soulful November Activity – Introduction to Yoga

Today we held our 3rd soulful November activity – an introduction to Yoga.  We were asked by the meditation and yoga instructor, Roseanne, to select a room that was peaceful, silent and warm.  She wanted to create the perfect zen environment for her class.  We were so happy to see so many EC M … Read more

Altitude 737 – View from the Top!

EC Montreal students love to party at club 737 – it is one of the trendiest night spots in town!  Club 737 is located in the Place Ville Marie building right in the city center.  Place Ville Marie is the tallest building in Montreal.  The name 737 refers to the altitude of the building – … Read more

Welcome to Montreal STB!

EC Montreal welcomed a lovely group of travel agents from Brazil.  It was their first time in Canada!  They came to familiarize themselves with Montreal as a destination to learn English and French. We had a lovely time showing off our city, our school and our team!   Before arriving they had the im … Read more