Camilo Camero “This has been the journey of my life…”

Traveling across Canada I’ve been studying at EC for more than eight months. The school is just great!  I studied at the 3 EC schools in Canada; Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.  This has been the journey of my life and I am really pleased with the experience. I have to say that every city has its charm and in each school I had the opportunity to meet amazing people and make good friends.

I am about to complete my studies in English to start with French. This is another great advantage that Canada offers (the possibility to study two languages in the same country). I highly recommend any EC Canadian school and especially recommend traveling across Canada as I did – much better!

Greetings and hugs to the staff, my friends and classmates.


Good luck on your trip to those of you who wish to undertake it!

Camilo C.   from Venezuela



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