Student testimonial: Monica Frost from Brazil

  I came to Montreal 8 months ago and I can say it was the best thing I ever did. One of the reasons that made me stay so long was certainly the school! The teachers and all the staff welcomed me and always made me feel good. Here I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and principally, people who I consider great friends. This bilingual city is ideal for those who want to improve English and French and be always in touch with different cultures. I totally recommend it! Montreal is an amazing city. Definitely I will never forget this exchange and I hope to return again. Thanks EC Montreal for all the support and patience!

Testimonial from an EC Montreal Homestay Family Student

Catalina Rivera Mejia arrived at EC Monreal on October 6, 2012 and will be staying at EC Montreal learning French until June 2013.  Catalina returned back home during the Christmas holidays for her brothers wedding.  One request that she had was” please make sure that I return to the same homestay family.  This is what Catalina has to say. 1) What made you decide to choose a host family? I chose to go to homestay because you get the opportunity to have the experience with people that are willing to open their doors of their home to make you part of it. You get to know more about the culture and experience different things. 2) What is your favorite aspect of being in a homestay? For me being in a homestay lets you feel you have a family that will give you a “good morning” or a “ how was your day” and will always be there for you since you show respect towards their rules and to them and that you also want to make part of their lives. 3) What was your first impression of your homestay? The first time I met my homestay was that you could really feel there was lots of love and that as I mentioned before I felt that not only was I going to find a homestay I was going to find a home. 4) What are your comments about EC Montreal? EC Montreal has let me get to know so many people from all around the world, I really enjoy going there because you get to enjoy learning and it’s a very nice place. FAVORITE MEMORY WITH your homestay-(so far) I actually have no words to describe my homestay.  I don’t even call it homestay I call this place “MY HOME”. Each … Read more

“EC Montreal was the best choice!” – Student testimonial by Sophia Huang from Taiwan

    I had a wonderful time in EC Montreal. First, the advisers or assistants are so patient to solve my problem and make me feel free to go to the office and ask any questions I had. Second, the activities in school are terrific such as for charity, movie day and travels. Especially, I had a great trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls with EM voyage. They arranged the accommodation and the itinerary that are so nice. It was an unforgettable trip I have had in Montreal. The last but not the least, the teachers in EC Montreal are amazing. They encourage me a lot and they always teach in a positive way. Nowadays, I enjoy learning English and I am not afraid to make a mistake. I meet a lot of nice people from all over the world and make close friends with others. One thing I want to say is that “Thank you EC Montreal and I love you <3 It was my best choice!”    

February Social Events Calendar!

We have so many wonderful activities planned for our students in February!  The calendar is action packed with sports, cultural activities, nightclub outings, weekend trips, excursions and Montreal’s highlights and festivals!!  Don’t miss out on the winter festivals and a trip to the Snow village! Joining the activities programme will truly compliment our EC Montreal students’ stay.  The programme gives our students an opportunity to immerse themselves in 2 languages and to take advantage of all our city has to offer!  This social element EC provides enables students to make friends and to learn about different cultures.  It is a unique experience and one that students should not miss out on! We wish all our students an incredible February!

February Free Activities!

February will be a month filled with love and indulgence!  We have so many delicious free activities planned for our EC Montreal students.  If you look at the activities carefully, you will see there is a logical sequence to the order they have been scheduled.  On February 6, the EC student lounge will be transformed into a singles bar!  We will be serving martinis in different colours.  If you choose to drink from the red martini, it will symbolize all those around to STOP – “I’m taken”.  If you drink from the green martini, it will symbolize to everyone – GO!!!  GO!!!  GO!!! – “I’m available”.  The yellow martinis mean – “It’s complicated – I’m with Mr. Right Now – not necessarily Mr. Right!” We are all hoping students can make a love connection over a few martinis.  Cupid – are you listening? On February 13, the lounge will host its first annual chocolate festival.  Those who didn’t make a love connection at the singles bar can drown their sorrows and indulge in chocolate.  For those who have found love, there is nothing more romantic than feeding each other chocolate covered fruit.  There will be a chocolate fountain in the centre of the table and all kinds of wonderful foods to dip. On February 20, our EC Montreal couples will be challenged and will compete for the title of best EC couple!  They will be crowned the king and queen of EC Montreal and will enjoy some sweet treats! On February 27, all the newly formed EC couples can enjoy a showing of the very romantic comedy – Valentine’s Day! What an amazing month of love & indulgence we look forward to at EC Montreal!  Let the fun begin!!….& cupid, work your magic!!

Montreal Poutine Week

We suggest you follow your work out schedule to a teeth these days (maybe with an extra adage on January 30th starting at 3:30 in EC Montreal’s student lounge!!!), because Montreal’s Poutine Week is starting strong on January 31, 2013! So be diligent at the gym so that you can enjoy the entire poutine week ! Poutine, see picture below if you are not yet familiar with the dish, is one of the traditional preferred dishes of Quebecers, and Montreal boasts a long array of restaurants  that offer different varieties of it. The Poutine week offers you the possibility to take a tour of the restaurants registered under Poutine Montreal. The opening party will take place at the Globe restaurant, on St- Laurent Street, on January 31 2013 20:00 pm. Here’s the link to get more info on the participating restaurants:   Montreal’s Poutine Week is a unique experience allowing you to discover and savour specially concocted poutines at special prices.  Some of the EC Montreal staff already indulged in this traditioanl dish.  Here’s the perfect opportunity for EC’s international students to take a gourmand tour of Montreal.  An enriching culinary journey to take with friends from all over the globe! Bon apetit!

Free Return Ticket Courtesy of the STM!!

Are you an EC Montreal student?  …& you haven’t been to Igloofest yet?  What are you waiting for?! Every Thursday from January 17 to February 9, 2013, make your way to the Igloofest in public transit and obtain your return ticket free from the STM!* On site, visit the STM zone to warm up and roast a few marshmallows to satisfy your late-night cravings. Igloofest      Jacques-Cartier Quay – Old Port All details on this event available at : *Return fare will be handed out on site.

The Heartbeat of Montreal!

Every month EC Montreal organizes an activity at our Mount Royal park.  It has so much to offer we will never run out of ideas!  Want to go sledding, skating, snowshoeing, hiking, cross country skiing?…. well, Mount-Royal is the place to visit. It is located right in the center of our beautiful island of Montreal and represents the highest peek of the city.  From the top of the mountain you can get a panoramic view of the entire city.  You can actually see as far as the Adirondack mountains in the USA.  You can see the St-Lawrence river that leads into the ocean as well as the Riviere de Prairie that surrounds us from the North and East of the city.     A visit to Montreal would not be complete without a stop at our majestic Mount-Royal!

Devour Montreal!

Throughout our student’s stay, they have many opportunities to enjoy a Taste of Montreal.  Every month, EC Montreal offers a free activities programme at the school.  We offer a variety of activities that include fitness, teambuilding activities, music, dance and what we call “A taste of Montreal”.  We share our local foods and specialties to our students depending on the time of year and what our monthly theme is.  Our students will have a lot to look forward to this winter season.  In February, to celebrate the month of love and indulgence, EC Montreal will host its first annual chocolate festival.  We will be serving our students a variety of local chocolates; including a chocolate fountain!!  In March we look forward to our Sugar Shack festivities.  Sugar Shacks are located on maple farms where maple sap is extracted from the trees and turned into the most delicious maple syrup.  We will celebrate this sweet tradition with our students with a month long activity list that will include pancake day and a visit to a traditional Sugar Shack – known as La Cabane à Sucre for us Quebecers! In addition to our free activities programme, students will be invited to attend group dinners, food and beer tours lead by our dynamic activity coordinators, Emmanuel and Andrea.  They will be organizing the most fabulous outings to celebrate Montreal’s love of food!

Gastronomy Programme in Montreal!

In 2013, EC Montreal has introduced a specialty Gastronomy programme.  This programme combines our General French and or English programme with a Gastronomy component.  We will be organizing culinary lessons, pastry classes, food tours, market tours, chocolate making and mixology lessons for students signed up in this programme.  In addition to learning a language students will have an opportunity to stimulate all their senses! photo courtesy of Toursime Montréal Join us in Montreal and devour everything our city has to offer!  Immerse yourselves in our two languages and get carried away with all the flavors and savors of Montreal! Want more information about this programme, write to us at