A Taste of Montreal

EC Montreal students have the treat of getting a taste of Montreal on their first day of school.  Upon arrival at the school on Monday, they are escorted to the testing room where they are greeted with bagels and apple juice.  After testing they meet our activity coordinators, Emmanuel and Andrea.  Emmanuel and Andrea talk to the students about the activities we offer after school and on weekends.  The students are then taken on a walking tour to familiarize themselves with the school and it’s surroundings.  Our school is wonderfully located in a building that has a food court and one of the restaurants happens to be a smoked meat deli. One of the many things Montreal is famous for is our smoked meat!  Smoke meat is a type of deli meat product made by salting and curing beef brisket with spices. The brisket is allowed to absorb the flavors over a week, and is then hot smoked to cook through, and finally steamed to completion. The meat is typically served in the form of a sandwich slathered with mustard. It is absolutely delicious!  Alex, owner of a smoked meat restaurant in the food court, is generous to offer our students a free taste on their first day.  During the walking tour our activity coordinators escort the students downstairs for a free sample.  Thank you Alex for giving EC Montreal students coming from abroad the opportunity to have a taste of Montreal’s famous smoked meat on their first day!

smoke meat 2smoke 4

smoke 7



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