Angelika Epping Loves EC Montreal!

Our Low-Intermediate student Angelika took the time to write a lovely comment on her end of course evaluation.  We were delighted to read her feedback and even more delighted to share them with our teachers Olivia & Sarah!  We gave them a wonderful surprise by displaying this acheivement in the … Read more

The “E” in EC Should Stand for EXTRA!!

There are so many advantages to booking your language learning experience with EC.  The “E” in EC should really stand for EXTRA!  Students receive so many extras at EC.  Extra attention, Extra workshops, Extra lectures, Extra free activities, Extra care… We all love what we do here … Read more

Au revoir

Lisiane, one of our Brazilian students, ended her French course with us today. She parted with her classmates and teacher Essadia, from the French elementary class. Lisiane spent a short time at  EC Montreal, much shorter that she wanted to. She had made a lot of friends  fast and took part in almos … Read more

Old Montreal Restaurant Week: Eat out every night!

Montreal is known as food lovers’ paradise. There are more than 6,000 restaurants on the Island of Montreal alone and you can find any type of cuisine. In fact, one of the most common questions we get from people who study English or French courses at EC Montreal is which restaurant is the bes … Read more