Movie Day at EC Montreal

Today’s free activity at EC Montreal was Movie Day.  Since Valentine’s Day was not too long ago we decided to play for our students a romantic comedy.  We chose “The Break-up” starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. After two years together the couple’s relationship seems to have taken a comical … Read more

Academic and Social Activities Calendar is here!

  Montreal is a city of events and festivals. It always offers everyone things to do regardless of weather or season. As a language school in Montreal, we do the same for our students at EC Montreal! 🙂 Check out the calendar below for all free Academic and Social activities in March. Academic a … Read more

Couple’s Competition

Couple’s competition. EC Montreal students had a blast today at school.  What started out as a couple’s competition turned out to be a friend’s competition as well.  Students joined together to race against the clock for prizes.  It was led by our activities coordinator.  I have to say that Emmanuel … Read more

Spring Break at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal is launching a new special offer this spring!  We are encouraging our young college and university students to spend their week off from school in vibrant and exciting Montreal! The 1-week package includes French instruction and accommodation at our 515 Residence.  This very attractive p … Read more

Meet our New Operations Manager: Renee Lee!

We are thrilled to annouce that Renee Lee has accepted the role of Operations Manager at EC Montreal!  We are confident she will do an amazing job in her new role!  Here’s what she would like to share with you: “I first started working at LSC Montreal in 2007 as a part-time language moni … Read more

Montreal’s Most Beloved Winter Festival!

Winter in Montréal is seen even before it is felt. Well before the first flake of snow hits the ground, the days grow ever shorter as the sun makes its regular retreat. Now in its 13th year, Montreal highlights Festival – brings back the light, making this festival both a celebration of winter … Read more

CPR and First Aid Certified!

This past Saturday, EC Montreal staff and teachers had a very special teambuilding experience.  It was a few hours of bonding between colleagues with a great motive!  We were getting CPR training and First Aid Certification. We began the day with a warm and inviting group breakfast.  It was a little … Read more