Movie Day at EC Montreal

Today’s free activity at EC Montreal was Movie Day.  Since Valentine’s Day was not too long ago we decided to play for our students a romantic comedy.  We chose “The Break-up” starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. After two years together the couple’s relationship seems to have taken a comical wrong turn on the way to happily ever after. Of course we won’t spoil the ending in case some of you out there still have not seen the movie.  Our students enjoyed watching the movie while snacking on popcorn.

Academic and Social Activities Calendar is here!

  Montreal is a city of events and festivals. It always offers everyone things to do regardless of weather or season. As a language school in Montreal, we do the same for our students at EC Montreal! 🙂 Check out the calendar below for all free Academic and Social activities in March. Academic activities offered in English and French include preparation of CV, presentation letter and job interview, fascinating lectures, movie days and discussions, and pronunciation clinics. We will also have our first Coffee and Chat in English and, of course, our weekly English Exit test for students leaving. Our Social activities will be equally exciting! We will have Maple Syrup festival on March 6 and Information session about Sugar Shack in Montreal while sipping delicious maple tea on March 20. We will also celebrate St. Patrick’s day a little bit earlier on March 13 and let students hunt for Easter eggs for prizes on March 27.  Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?  

Free elective at EC Montreal- English for work

  As a language school it is always good to challange and engage your students so that they maximize their language learning experience.    Last Friday our academic department ran the English for work workshop, a session opened to all the students at the the required level of English.  The worshop was actually free for all the students who wanted to participate.  This workshoop benefits students that  are planning to take business courses later on, or already have a business background and they want to improve their presentation skills, for example. We had a full class, 15 students! We are happy to see that the students are maximizing their time here with us and making the most of their language course in Montreal! 

Montreal made the top 10 list of SEXIEST CITIES ON THE PLANET!!

If you are an EC Montreal student you will be delighted to hear that  you chose an excellent destination to learn English and French.  MSN’s travel guide has put Montreal in the top 10 cities that are the sexiest on the planet.  Here’s what they had to say about our fair city: ‘Maybe it’s the stylish locals, the mouthwatering cuisine, or the European élan of Old Montreal that nudges the mind (and body) towards more sensual pursuits. Whatever the spark, the city whispers sex appeal. There’s always something intriguing to pique your interest — a thriving club scene, acclaimed restaurants, the annual jazz festival and the sizzle of the Grand Prix. Move over New York City. Montréal is a city that rarely sleeps, making it the perfect partner in crime for couples on the prowl for adventure.’ check out the link for all the details of the poll: Most of our visitors and locals would agree that there is something special about this city.  It is hard not to fall in love with all the charms Montreal has to offer.  One of EC Montreal’s goals is to show our students everything this city has to offer!

Couple’s Competition

Couple’s competition. EC Montreal students had a blast today at school.  What started out as a couple’s competition turned out to be a friend’s competition as well.  Students joined together to race against the clock for prizes.  It was led by our activities coordinator.  I have to say that Emmanuel is amazing he is always so enthusiastic and full of energy. Student had 3 balloons that were to be busted. The students that busted the balloons in the least amount of time won. Congratulations to  Thomas and Bastian for coming in first and in second place was the lovely Catalina and her boyfriend Mateo.  

Spring Break at EC Montreal!

EC Montreal is launching a new special offer this spring!  We are encouraging our young college and university students to spend their week off from school in vibrant and exciting Montreal! The 1-week package includes French instruction and accommodation at our 515 Residence.  This very attractive package offers a mixology class, a beer tour and an exciting 3-hour tour of Montreal!  If you are already in Montreal, come to visit us at the school and sign up for this amazing deal!  For the rest of you, what are you waiting for?  sign up today and have the most memorable week of your life here in magical Montreal!!

Meet our New Operations Manager: Renee Lee!

We are thrilled to annouce that Renee Lee has accepted the role of Operations Manager at EC Montreal!  We are confident she will do an amazing job in her new role!  Here’s what she would like to share with you: “I first started working at LSC Montreal in 2007 as a part-time language monitor/office assistant. I immediately loved working in this industry and that is why I applied to become the Administrative Assistant for Accounts and Enrolments a few months later. For 2 years, my responsibilities included student registrations, accounts receivable (invoices, follow up, collection and allocation of payments, reconciliation of accounts, preparation of bank deposits, balancing petty cash and daily deposits), and communicating with customers and agents. From 2010 to 2012, I worked as a Manager at Atti Restaurant where I was in charge of managing accounts, employees and customer satisfaction. In October 2012, I was very fortunate to be given a chance to come back to EC Montreal to work as a Student Counselor, mainly focusing on enhancing and maintaining students’ satisfaction by providing support and services and organizing various activities. Now I am extremely grateful and excited to start my new role as Operations Manager. I look forward to meeting new challenges and continuing to work with the best Operations team!”

Montreal’s Most Beloved Winter Festival!

Winter in Montréal is seen even before it is felt. Well before the first flake of snow hits the ground, the days grow ever shorter as the sun makes its regular retreat. Now in its 13th year, Montreal highlights Festival – brings back the light, making this festival both a celebration of winter and a harbinger of spring. Running from February 21 to March 3, 2012, The Highlights Festival, is one of the largest winter festivals in the world. Offering a unique experience that includes various arts and gastronomy programs, as well as a host of free family activities (both in- and outdoors), it has attracted some 900,000 guests annually. Each year there is a different emphasis, and this year the spotlight—both in terms of music and cuisine—shines on Belgium. With its renowned chefs and master chocolatiers, Belgium’s Wallonia-Brussels region is the focus of this year’s gastronomy program, which has helped to establish Montréal’s reputation with foodies from near and far by pairing the city’s finest chefs with the some of the world’s greatest culinary masters. Not only has the festival’s honorary presidency been conferred upon Chef Yves Mattagne, whose work has greatly contributed to the gastronomic reputation of Brussels, but a host of visiting chefs and vintners drawn from five continents includes distinguished representatives from both Brussels and Wallonia. This year’s edition of the Highlights Festival sets the table for a gourmet feast of global proportions. Although the festival’s star-studded gastronomy program shines brightly, every facet of Montréal culture glitters with the festival’s arts program, which includes music, theatre, dance and circus arts. This year, the festival, which welcomes both icons and emerging artists from at home and abroad, will culminate with an homage by some of Québec’s biggest musical stars to Belgium’s most famous export, singer Jacques Brel. In addition to a plethora … Read more

CPR and First Aid Certified!

This past Saturday, EC Montreal staff and teachers had a very special teambuilding experience.  It was a few hours of bonding between colleagues with a great motive!  We were getting CPR training and First Aid Certification. We began the day with a warm and inviting group breakfast.  It was a little difficult getting up early on a Saturday morning, so knowing a prepared breakfast was waiting for us at the school was just the motivation we needed.  The admin staff and teaching staff gathered at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning and enjoyed breakfast together. At 10 a.m. we had an instructor from Canada’s Heart and Stroke Foundation come in to give us all CPR training and First Aid Certification.  I can’t really describe the feeling.  All I can say is that it was a very empowering exercise.  Knowing that me and my team of colleagues can save a life, if needed, felt pretty good.  We practiced emergency situations as a group and bonded as a team throughout the experience. We all felt a sense of pride and respect for one another when we past the training session and were presented with our CPR certification card. It was a memorable day and one that we will cherish for many years!  Thank you EC for this wonderful training session!

EC Montreal at the movies: Juno

As most of our students already know, every 2 weeks the academic department at EC Montreal presents a movie followed by a session of discussion and debate. Usually the movies alternate between English and French movies, so that the entire body of students at the school can take advantage of this free academic extra activity. This past Thursday the film chosen was Juno, a movie that i’m sure most of you know was nominated for an Oscar in several categories and actually won a lot of praise. According to out academic year tutors, teacher’s Don and Toufik that led the activity, the discussion that followed the movie was a very interesting one; the students raised different points of discussion and drew different conclusions from the actions presented in the movie.  As EC Montreal is a langauge school, most of our students are international students hence, the interpretations differed based on the students’ age, cultural identity, education. The diversity of backgrounds and opinions made for a lively discussion session. All in all a successful activity and a great English language practice, especially listening comprehension and speaking, for the students!