Easter egg hunt at EC Montreal language school

Besides busying themselves with their English or French classes today, our students at EC Montreal had a lot of extra activities on their plates, very pleasant activities, I might add. Starting early in the morning they searched for the hidden eggs all around the school. Each egg contained a question that they had to answer correctly in order to claim the prize. As I’m writing this there is still one egg (apparently very well) hidden somewhere in the school. Who’s going to be the last one to win today? Then, at lunch time students teamed up in EC Montreal’s lounge and each one of the 4 teams was given an Easter egg decorating kit. The teams did their best to have the nicest decorated egg!  Congratulations to all the participants for doing an amazing  job!

EC Montreal does the Harlem Shake!

The Harlem Shake has gone viral!  It is all over Youtube!  Everyone is doing it – including CNN and other large organizations!  It is hard to understand why this crazy dance became such an internet sensation.  Perhaps it is because it is short, quick and can be completely spontaneous and unchoreographed, unlike flash mobs that require a lot of training, practicing and coordination. EC Malta was the first of the EC schools to jump on the bandwagon with their Harlem Shake.  It was funny and showed that EC is current with pop culture and the latest media crazes!  EC Miami was next to put on a show.  One EC school after another were putting together their version of the Harlem Shake. Our Activity Director, Emmanuel, kept insisting that EC Montreal had to do their own Harlem Shake!  We talked about it but didn’t really make any plans. Today, out of the blue, Emmanuel showed up to school with a huge sack of costumes and had informed us that today was the day!  ok – here was the test, unchoreographed, unplanned, spontaneous!  ok – we were all in!!  Emmanuel went to all the classrooms and told everyone we were meeting in the student lounge.  He handed out costumes and that was it!  He downloaded the Harlem Shake app on his I-phone and it basically it did the work for us! We had a blast!!  It was so much fun dancing around the food court at the school like we were crazy people!!  We laughed and laughed!  It was a perfect way to end the week and to kick off the weekend!! EC Montreal has now joined this internet sensation and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Free Social and Academic activities calendar for April at EC Montreal!

April is near – spring has officially begun and the snow is finally melting away! And here is our April calendar for our free Social and Academic activities. April will be the month of Gastronomy; everyone can participate in our social activities such as Sushi making lessons, Wine tasting and The Big Potluck in the student lounge! Our Academic workshops are always popular so make sure you check out all of them. Don’t forget that you can attend these workshops regardless what language you are learning at EC Montreal. For example, you can still attend our English lecture even if you are enrolled in our French courses . There are many other English and French language schools in Montreal, but no other schools offer this many quality academic workshops and fun social activities at no extra cost so enjoy everyone!

Meet our New EC Montreal Intern: Diego Islas

Diego Islas will be joining the EC Montreal team as an intern on April 3, 2013.  Here is a little bit of information about our intern! Diego was born in Mexico City on August 30th of 1983, he is the youngest of three brothers. From an early age showed interest in learning about the different cultures of the world, reason for which he was enrolled at a German school and later in a school of French origin. This passion for different cultures and the pride of his Mexican culture led him to obtain a degree in Tourism Business Administration, studying part of his career in San Pablo, Brazil in 2007. In 2009 took ​​the decision to start his application for being a permanent resident of Canada, goal that has been achieved in 2012. Diego is newlywed and his interests include travel, languages, reading, sports, and nature. We wish him much success with his new role at EC Montreal!

1000 EC Montreal Facebook Fans!

Today EC Montreal is celebrating 1000 Facebook fans!  Social Media has become such an important part of our daily work lives!  We enjoy interacting with our students, student alumni and other EC fans through Facebook!  Our operations team goes out of its way to ensure our page is always dynamic, fun, informative and most importantly, depicts our center in an honest and transparent fashion! Social Media is an important part of EC’s culture and we have embraced every aspect of it! Congratulations to EC Montreal’s social media champions and a world of thanks to all our EC Montreal fans around the world!

EC Montreal language school – a world of possibilities

Yesterday we said goodbye to one of our special students: Camilo. Camilo comes from Venezuela and before embarking on his university courses he decided to plunge into a total language imersion programme. He started off his adventure in Toronto learning English at EC Toronto, then movedon to the west coast to continue his English language adventure at EC Vancouver. His final destination was EC Montreal language school where he arrived in October 2012. After passing the IELTS exam, having taken our Higher score IELTS exam preparation course, Camilo could have said ” mission accomplished”. But being in Montreal opened up more possibilities for him, such as acquiring another foreign language: French. So, since January 2013 he has been studing French in our school. Camilo’s is a perfect example that studying at  EC Montreal  English and French language school, you can not just accomplish you linguistic goals but  also surpass them!

April Social Events Calendar!

EC Montreal has a lot of exciting activites in store for our students this April!  The activities will celebrate welcoming Spring!  A lot of the activities will take place outdoors; soccer game in the park, hike up Mount-Royal, A scenic tour of Old Montreal and so much more! An activity not to miss is the Butterflies Go Free Exhibit on April 12!  This yearly exhibit at the Botanical Gardens is simply magical!  There are over 2000 types of butterflies and moths flying around.  It feels like you are in a fairy tale or dream! There are 1 day excursions to Ottawa and Quebec City scheduled as well as a 3-day tour of New York City!! We encourage all our students to be as active as possible during their stay at EC Montreal!  It will help them make friends, practice their language skills and most importantly have fun!!  We feel it is so important to take advantage of all the school has to offer during the student’s stay.  For most it is a once in a lifetime experience, so it is best to devour as much as possible!  

Welcome Spring by Participating in the Butterflies Go Free Activity!

Wednesday, March 20 is the first day of Spring!  We could not think of a better way to welcome Spring than by visiting the Botanical Gardens’ Butterflies Go Free exhibit! The Botanical Gardens have welcomed thousands of beautiful butterflies and their equally attractive cousins, the moths.  Over 2000 butterflies will be fluttering about the green house at all times. EC Montreal students can look forward to discovering over 75 different species of moths and butterflies hailing from Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Kenya, Malaysia and the Philippines. This year the Butterflies Go Free spotlight is on the majestic Monarch butterflies. These butterflies are featured not only for their exquisite good looks, but because they have the longest migration in North America. They travel from Mexico in the winter to Quebec where they are spotted around June (probably heading to the Jazz Fest) and until the end of the summer. It takes 4 generations of Monarch’s to complete the trip, which usually spans about one year. While EC Montreal students are at the Botanical Gardens, they can recline in the swank Monarch Lounge. The Monarch Lounge’s seats are designed like eggs, caterpillars and chrysalises. The decor was dreamed up by Quebec designer Liz Vandal, an internationally renowned fashion/costume designer famous for creating the costumes for Cirque du Soleil’s insect inspired show, Ovo. From the butterflies and moths to the decor, Butterflies Go Free is a lovely way to welcome Spring in an almost fairy tale like setting.

EC Montreal + EM Voyages = HAPPY STUDENTS!

EC Montreal is lucky to work with such a dynamic tour operator as EM Voyages.  They specialize in fulfilling all the services involved in the activities aspect of EC Montreal!  EM Voyages is run by Emmanuel Azuelos.  He gets to know our students and creates an activities plan every month to satisfy our students’ demands and to be able to offer a little something for everyone. The evening and weekend activities truly compliment our students’ stay.  We have found that high participation in our activities programme results in extremely happy students.  This is reflected in our student evaluations.  Emmanuel and  his team give our students the opportunity to devour everything our city has to offer while practicing their English and French skills and making life long friendships!  Through the sports activities, cultural activities, tourist attractions and weekend excursions our students will create memories that will last a lifetime. EC Montreal’s quality instruction, dedicated staff and welcoming accommodations coupled with activities provided by EM Voyages give our students an experience of a lifetime!  

Meet Andrea Mora EC Montreal’s Homestay Recruiter!

We are happy to introduce our homestay programme recruiter: Andrea. Here is what Andrea would like to share with us: “Hello my name is Andrea and I am originally from Colombia! I have been working at EC Montreal for two years as an activities coordinator and I really love my job! especially because I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with so many great students from all over the world! Now i will be working as a homestay recruiter and I’m excited to meet the families that will host our students!  I want to make sure that our students will love the families and that the families will love the students and will take care of them as much as we do through all the services that we offer!” When she is not visiting our homestay families she is assisting Emmanuel at Em Voyages in creating the best activities programme of all language schools in Montreal!