Student Testimonial: Vitor Gomes from Brazil

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I’ve been at EC for a month and it was one of the best months of my life. Not only I learned a lot, I also had a lot of fun. EC has always something to make you feel as part of a group: a party, a breakfast, a trip. The staff is always warm and kind. And also, Montreal is a fantastic city with lots of beautiful places to visit.

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Vitor’s review of EC Montreal on website:


I’ve studied in EC Montreal for a month, and truly, the only part of this experience that bothers me, is that it ends. I have no regrets about choosing to come to Montreal, to Canada and mainly to EC.
The school is the best, not only when it comes to learning, but also when it comes to meeting people and having fun. It provides lots of opportunities to make you feel as part of a group. There are lots of different activities. You’re always partying, doing sports, studying, visiting interesting places, etc. You’re just never bored.
Also, I’m truly in love with Canada. With it’s respectful and always helpful people. With it’s safety. With it’s overall appeal.
I’d recommend EC for everyone, and I couldn’t be more sincere



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