EC Montreal Gives Back to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children!

Paula, our CSR Champion, organized an amazing giving back day again this year!  She along with Toufik and 2 students; Marcella and Michal, organized packages and medals for a fundraising activity the Shriner’s Hospital for Children will organize on May 18!   The Games for Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise funds through various means and distribute them to different children’s charities. This Thursday another group of EC Montreal staff and students will return to the Shriner’s Hospital to lend a helping hand! The Shriner’s Hospital for Children is a wonderful organization to volunteer with.  They are so appreciate of any help we are able to offer!  We are so proud to have built a partnership with such a prestigious and caring institution. Shriners Hospitals for Children has delivered pioneering, patient centered, compassionate care to patients and their families from Canada, the United States and beyond in a healing environment since 1925. Based in Montreal, it is a bilingual institution providing pediatric orthopaedic treatment for patients with highly complex conditions, including scoliosis, spina bifida and … other spinal malformations, osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease), metabolic bone disease, skeletal growth abnormalities and congenital anomalies of the musculoskeletal system. Every member of their staff, from surgeons to therapists, nurses to educators, is committed to helping children reach their full potential.   Shriners Hospitals for Children may be small, but its reach is great. Children from across Canada, the U.S. and around the world have benefited from the hospital’s ground-breaking research and innovative treatments, both in Montreal and in their own communities. Above and beyond world-class care, they have found a home away from home, a place where their disability does not define who they are, but is merely a stepping stone to becoming the most productive, active and autonomous … Read more

What students expect from their homestay hosts

Last week I wrote a blog on the project that out intermediate level English course students were working on regarding the homestay experience for international students learning French or English at EC Montreal. Well, yesterday afternoon our students provided the highlight of our new homestay hosts workshop with the presentation they prepared. To put things into perspective a little bit I should mention that we recruit new hosts every year and they have to attend such a workshop. Only this year we had more than the usual experienced host as a guest speaker. We also had our activities coordinator Emmanuel speak to our new hosts about all the fun activities and trips that the students could take while studying at EC Montreal, as well as one of our bilingual teachers, Toufik, who spoke about how to communicate with absolute beginner students. And last but not least, it turns out the stars of the evening were our students and their informative presentation on what themselves and the students they surveyed (because they did a lot of research too) expect from their homestay host and from their overall homestay experience. Our homestay hosts were actually impressed (as were we) with the quality and the content of their presentation. I want to thank them and their teacher, Lucy, for the time and effort they put in this presentation!

A new student ambassador at EC Montreal

EC Montreal is proud to introduce a new student ambassador as of this week. His name is Mishal and he is from Saudi Arabia. He has been studying English at EC Montreal since 2012, with small breaks here and there and he is now in the low intermediate level. Mishal is a very friendly and outgoing person, he is very present in the activities that we organise at school and he is always ready to lend a helping hand if needed. It follows logically that with all these qualities he had made a lot of friends! We wish you all the best in your new role as student ambassador Mishal!

The 515 residence for our EC Montreal students

EC Montreal offers several accommodation options for its students: homestay, residence, apartment hotels. For those students that want to be more independent and want to be really close to the school we highly recommend the 515 student residence. Situated in the heart of downtown Montreal and 2 subway stops away from the school, it offers all the commodities a student traveling broad may need and much more. The apartments that EC Montreal offers have either 3 or 5 bedrooms and 1 or 2 bathrooms. The students share the common areas and the best part is that the apartments are fully furnished from dishes to towels and bed linens.  And this might not even be the best part: the students can also take full advantage of the recreational areas:  movie theater, cardio and weights room, study rooms, photocopy center; it even offers a music room for people that want to practise their musical instruments without being heard! It was my pleasure to offer a tour of the residence to Lucie one of our agents from Switzerland and I was very pleased to hear that she ranks the apartments that EC Montreal offers here in the top three of everything she’s visited so far! I had offered a similar tour to a group of Japanese agents last week and they were equally impressed!

Sneak Peak at the Month of May – Health and Fitness Month @ EC Montreal!

The Month of May will be devoted to Health & Fitness at EC Montreal!  In honour of National Fitness Day, which is May 18, 2013, EC Montreal decided to have a whole month dedicated to health and well-being!  We began this tradition last year and it was so well received that we decided to make this an annual event! On May 1, we will kick off the theme by holding an athletic gear fashion show!  Staff and students will be encouraged to strut their stuff down a red carpet to show off their workout fashion!  The most creative outfit or strut, will win a cool prize! On May 8, a Montreal famous personal trainer, will be putting on an exercise show and will then lead a power workout!  He is tough, but extremely motivating!  We look forward to an intense workout with Ernie! On May 15, EC Montreal will treat its students to a healthy lunch!  We will have salads, fruit and veggie platters and other delicious healthy snacks available for students!  Nutrition is on the menu for the day!  Everybody will be spoiled with plenty of nutrients!! On May 22, our very own Andrea, will lead a zumba class!  We will have a blast shaking our booties to great tunes! We will end our fitness month with a zen beginners yoga class.  We will take this opportunity to relax, meditate and heal our mind, bodies and soul! EC Montreal works out and stays fit!

Student testimonial: Catalina and Mateo from Colombia

Check out what Catalina and Mateo say about EC Montreal! Catalina has been studying French at EC Montreal and is currently in Pre-Intermediate level French course. Mateo is attending another language school in Montreal, but comes to EC Montreal every day. The couple participates in every single activity we organize at the school and makes friends with students as well as staff members. They are absolutely wonderful to be around and always full of energy!   Mateo Mejia Hey, everybody! Although I’m not from EC Montreal, I can tell you something; this school is the best! They have taken me as one of them so now you can imagine what it will be like when you come as an EC Montreal student. I first came here because of my girlfriend, but now I come like if it was my school. I’m not really happy at my school and for me, after 5 months here; the best choice you can make is EC! Catalina Rivera I know how it feels when you are trying to choose a destination for learning a new language. Getting yourself into a whole new experience, you can be scared of where you are going to be. But when I heard about EC Montreal, I couldn’t hear better things from students and that made me even more anxious to come to this school. I am having one of the best experiences of my life. The activities are amazing and the people couldn’t be nicer.

International Potluck at EC Montreal!

Our Intermediate English level course in Montreal teacher Toufik, organized an international potluck day with his students!  Our Gastronomy themed month ended on a delicious note!  He had his students prepare promotional material promoting the activity to the other levels.  They also went out to all the classes promoting the event.  They also worked really hard at preparing dishes from their home country. The students decorated their table with flags, information and recipes.  It was so nice to see students sharing dishes and talking about how their dish was prepared and the food customs and traditions in their country. The office staff was also happy to bring in food representing their culture.  Students had a chance to enjoy Korean dumplings, chicken teriyaki, Romanian meatballs, Spanish tortilla, Brazilian cheesecake and Italian pizza! We have never seen our student lounge so crowded with students!  We all enjoyed learning about each other’s savours, flavours and customs! We hope to repeat this very successful activity!  A huge thank you to the Intermediate English level course in Montreal students and to every other level for their participation and interest in this activity!!

Do you want to become a Pilot? You need to speak English!!

English is the international language used in commercial aviation.  That way, everyone in the air can understand what is being said and be situationally aware of what is going on in their area.  In the mid 20th century, when the birth of international flight was taking place, the need for a common language among international aviators was quickly realized.  Airline pilots are required to speak and understand English as one of their job requirements. There is a company in Montreal called Comunicatus which EC Montreal has partnered up with!  They teach English for Pilots.  Students attending this school must be at an intermediate level of English in order to qualify to take this course.  If their students are not at the right level, Comunicatus sends those students to EC Montreal to obtain that required level of proficiency.  Once they have completed their Intermediate level English course in Montreal, they are ready to take their English for Pilots course!  After successfully completing their course, they are ready to take their aviation lessons right here in Montreal!! Another important reason why English is an essential language to learn!  

X-Men Being Filmed in Montreal!

EC Montreal students are super excited!  There have been celebrity sightings all over town!  The new X-Men movie is being filmed in Montreal!  Halle Berry was seen in downtown and Westmount shopping over the weekend!  The rest of the cast is expected to arrive in Montreal soon! Montreal has become an ideal destination to film movies from motion picture production houses.  It is less expensive, celebrities love it and Montreal can look like any city in the world!  It can resemble an old European city or a modern North American city! Montreal is finally starting to come alive with our warmer weather!  This time of year, all the restaurants and bars start to put out patios to accommodate their guests.  It is like the whole city is a party and the whole world is invited!!  

EC Montreal’s intermediate Presentations class project involving homestay hosts

Our presentations class started a fun and interesting project about 2 weeks ago: How to be a good host for an international student at EC Montreal? They split in 2 teams and surveyed the students in the school with the purpose of putting together a presentation for our upcoming workshop for new homestay hosts. After compiling all the results, they put together 2 presentations that identify the main aspects of being a good host. As the accommodation coordinator for the school I was asked to observe their presentations and choose the one that will be presented. What a difficult task because both were very good and to the point! I was impressed with their findings and with the points they touched. A big than you goes out to both groups and to their teacher Lucy!