The Bixis are coming back!


EC Montreal students are very much familiar with Montreal’s public bike transportation system!  There is a bixi bike stand right outside the school!  There are stations all over the island of Montreal.  The convenience of the bixi system is you can take a bike from one stand and return it to any stand anywhere in Montreal.  You can cycle your way around the city.

Montreal is a bike friendly city.  There is a bike path that runs along almost the entire island.  It runs along the riviere de prairie and along the St-Lawrence river.  The bike paths run across the bridges into the North Shore of the island of Laval and the South Shore.

Cycling is a convenient and healthy mode of transportation that is encouraged by the city of Montreal.  There are bike paths that lead to Montreal’s 4 universities.  Students are encouraged to cycle to school!

EC Montreal students quickly learn that when the weather turns warmer in Montreal, everyone wants to enjoy the outdoors.  Although our public transportation system is efficient and clean, travelling by bike to and from school adds something special to their Montreal adventure.

bike 2

The bixi stands will be stocked and ready to go on April 15!  We encourage all our staff and students to give them a try!  It’s fun, healthy and good for the environment!



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