Do you want to become a Pilot? You need to speak English!!

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English is the international language used in commercial aviation.  That way, everyone in the air can understand what is being said and be situationally aware of what is going on in their area.  In the mid 20th century, when the birth of international flight was taking place, the need for a common language among international aviators was quickly realized.  Airline pilots are required to speak and understand English as one of their job requirements.

There is a company in Montreal called Comunicatus which EC Montreal has partnered up with!  They teach English for Pilots.  Students attending this school must be at an intermediate level of English in order to qualify to take this course.  If their students are not at the right level, Comunicatus sends those students to EC Montreal to obtain that required level of proficiency.  Once they have completed their Intermediate level English course in Montreal, they are ready to take their English for Pilots course!  After successfully completing their course, they are ready to take their aviation lessons right here in Montreal!!

Another important reason why English is an essential language to learn!




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