International Potluck at EC Montreal!

potluck preparation

Our Intermediate English level course in Montreal teacher Toufik, organized an international potluck day with his students!  Our Gastronomy themed month ended on a delicious note!  He had his students prepare promotional material promoting the activity to the other levels.  They also went out to all the classes promoting the event.  They also worked really hard at preparing dishes from their home country.

The students decorated their table with flags, information and recipes.  It was so nice to see students sharing dishes and talking about how their dish was prepared and the food customs and traditions in their country.

potluck (1)

The office staff was also happy to bring in food representing their culture.  Students had a chance to enjoy Korean dumplings, chicken teriyaki, Romanian meatballs, Spanish tortilla, Brazilian cheesecake and Italian pizza!

potluck (2)

We have never seen our student lounge so crowded with students!  We all enjoyed learning about each other’s savours, flavours and customs!

We hope to repeat this very successful activity!  A huge thank you to the Intermediate English level course in Montreal students and to every other level for their participation and interest in this activity!!



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