EC Montreal’s Motivated Team!

I attended a Management conference in Malta last week.  I was asked to present on the success of EC Montreal.  The answer is simple, the success lies in my team.  When you have the right people in the right jobs, everything falls into place and the team can accomplish so much! Our Operations Manager … Read more

EC Montreal Celebrates the World of Gastronomy this Month!

April has been an exciting month here at EC Montreal.  We are celebrating our Gastronomy programme with a free gastronomy session every week at the school.  The month began with a Gastronomy information session that we coupled with a beach party theme in the student lounge!  We gave our students a t … Read more

Saying goodbye to one of our EC Montreal student ambassadors

Last Friday was a day that I was hoping would come later rather than sooner. Philipp, one of our EC Montreal student ambassadors finished his course with us, a 10 week English course, that he spent mostly at the upper-intermediate level. He has made many friends and he was genuinely interested in th … Read more

Intermediate English afternoon class project at EC Montreal

A few days ago our EC Montreal intermediate class students started an interesting class in their afternoon class: what do students expect from their homestay hosts while they are studying at EC Montreal! So to this end, they invited our accommodation team, Paula and Andrea to answer some questions f … Read more

EC Montreal Building Bridges with Other EC Centres

Our Centre Director, Elisa Gazzola and our Director of Studies, Ana Arroyo, have spent the past week at a Senior Management Conference in Malta.  All the managers at EC had a chance to meet to learn, the share and to bond with one another.  It was a wonderful week building a sense of teamwork betwee … Read more

Student testimonial by Marcela Jacomini in High Intermediate level in English programme

  Marcela first came to EC Montreal in February. She started in Intermediate level in our English programme and has recently moved up to High Intermediate level. Congratulations, Marcela! She studies hard, participates in almost every activity that we offer and has many friends from all over th … Read more

Montreal’s New Planetarium Opens April 6!

The Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium will open its doors to the public on April 6!  The new high tech, modern and creative facilities have been build right beside Montreal’s biodome.  The cluster of tourist attractions in the east end of Montreal has just grown bigger.  In one day, EC Montreal stud … Read more