The most relaxing and funny yoga class !

The last activity or EC Montreal’s Health & Fitness month is over!  Every Wednesday, EC Montreal organizes free activities for its students. The last one for the month of May was a yoga class with a professional instructor: Roseanne. It was lovely to see how many students were interested in yoga. The majority of students had never practiced yoga before, but they did very well. Roseanne was really friendly and nice with the students. She took the time to ensure that everyone understood what she said. They started by doing a meditation technique.  Students were asked to sit down, get comfortable, close their eyes and try to clear their heads of all their problems and concerns. Then, she taught them different yoga positions. Some of them were really sporty and others funny. They also practiced some yoga positions in teams.  It was not easy for everybody to stand on one foot. For the last few minutes, they lied down on the floor to relax. By the end, they felt so good and relaxed that they asked to do this activity every day! All the students were taught how they relax and be in tune with their body. We hope to repeat this activity many times with our EC Montreal students!

French Kissing – in French?

Just heard this on the radio this morning – thought it was really cute!!   Despite the popularity of the term “French kissing,” France didn’t officially recognize the term until 2013. The French had several other terms to describe the act of kissing with tongues, and now, for the first time, there’s a single French word for it: “galocher.” The 2014 edition of France’s Petit Robert dictionary has just been released.  You will now find the verb galocher that is defined as “to kiss with tongues”. EC Montreal loves to play cupid!  So many of our students have found love here and have gone on to marry and have families with their EC classmate sweetheart!

Student Review: Lars Walther from Switzerland

Here is what Lars Walther from Switzerland would like to share with all of you: “I am so happy that I chose EC Montreal for my English course.  I could not imagine that it will be so great, especially the excursion to Niagara Falls.  Now I am very sad that I have to leave but I hope I will have the possibility to come back some day soon”.  

Meet Sarah Aleem: EC Montreal’s Newest Member!

We are happy to introduce you to the newest member of our team!  Sarah Aleem is our office assistant.  We are so excited to have her join us! Here is what she would like to share with all of you: Hello! My name is Sarah Aleem and I am currently working as an office assistant for EC Montreal. I have been living in Montreal for the past five years studying Piano Performance at the Schulich School of Music at McGill University. I had the privilege to work for EC Montreal in the summer of 2012 as an Activities Monitor for the Young Learners Programme. It was an amazing job that gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for Montreal. I loved being in the position of making sure all the students were able to experience new and adventurous things every week while helping them improve their language skills. I am thrilled to be back again this summer and I look forward to working with the amazing staff and students at EC Montreal. Sarah Aleem

EC presents…LE BONHEUR EST DANS LE PRÉ! Mardi après-midi au cinéma!

On Tuesday May 28, watching the movie « Le Bonheur est dans le pré » was scheduled on EC Montreal’s activity calendar. Each month EC Montreal students enjoy the possibility of participating in a huge variety of different free activities in the afternoon. Besides watching French and English movies, students will also have the chance to gain special skills for work in our English/French for work clinic or train their oral comprehension on special lecture and pronunciation classes. The best thing is that all these activities are free for our students! If you think about studying English or French abroad, EC Montreal is the right place to do so because we can assure you that you will receive even more services than what you paid for! “Le Bonheur est dans le pré” – translated “Happiness is in the field”- is a French comedy released in 1995 and directed by Étienne Chatiliez. The movie tells us about the miserable life of Francis Bergeade – performed by Michel Serrault – whose life takes a change all of a sudden one day. With the help of his friend Gérard (Eddy Mitchell) he catches the chance of happiness and that in the field! Our students enjoyed this funny Comedy and were able to improve at the same time their oral comprehension, their conversational in the group discussion afterwards as well as their writing skills! They are looking forward to watch the next movie soon!

You Gotta Eat Here! – Icehouse

There is a show on the food network called “You Gotta Eat Here”.  It features diners across Canada that prepare exceptionally good food.  Montreal restaurants are often featured on this show – what other Canadian city can compete with Montreal?!  It has over 6000 restaurants and the reputation for being a food lovers paradise! The other night, Icehouse restaurant was featured on the show.  It looked so inviting that we just had to try it!  It is a very small restaurant hidden on St-Dominique street between St-Denis and St-Laurent Blvd.  The restaurant looks like a log cabin hidden in the woods.  It has a caribou at the front entrance. There are no menus, no dishes and little cutlery, but you will find a lot of flavour!!  You order your food from a black board.  Their specialties include buckets of ribs, fried chicken and tacos.  They bring the bucket to your table, place paper down at your place setting and dump the bucket of food on the table until every last crumb spills out of it.  The food is delicious – very unique flavors.  It is pure comfort food with a very hip flair! The signature drink is a lemonade with bourbon.  You can order it by the glass or by the pitcher.  It seems to be everyone’s favorite because you can see it on every table. The restaurant offers a very cozy and inviting feel.  There are huge line ups outside and guests are invited to share tables with strangers to avoid the wait. I can definitely recommend this restaurant to our EC Montreal students looking for something different, delicious and cool!  To see the episode of You Gotta Eat Here where the Icehouse is featured, click here: There is always something new to devour in Montreal!  Join us at EC Montreal … Read more

Meet our Summer Intern: Robin Fourrier

  Robin Fourrier is one of our summer interns from France.  He will be assisting our operations and academic team for a period of 4 months.  We are delighted to have him join our team and wish him much success in his internship at EC Montreal! Here is what Robin would like to share with all of you: ” Hello, my name is Robin and I come from France. I am an IT student and I am doing an internship in Montreal for four months. I am very curious to discover another culture, another way of life and I want to improve my English so I can become a bilingual speaker.  In the future, I would like to spend time working all over the globe and even to live in a foreign country. This experience in Canada is a wonderful way to expand my culture and I am very happy to work at EC Montreal.  I hope I will come back!” Robin, we are looking forward to a great summer together!!!

Montreal’s Museum Day: Sunday, May 26

Montreal is rich in art and culture!  This is evident in the number of museums the city has – from history, science, art and civilization, Montreal’s museums are exciting, interesting and fascinating places to visit!  Our museums are not just for tourists!  Montrealers love to visit their museums on weekends!  Most museums offer free entrance one evening a week.  For example, the Fine Arts Museum is free on Wednesday evening. EC Montreal usually offers a museum visit on each monthly social events calendar.  We want our students to get a taste of Montreal’s rich culture during their stay!  When you study ESL abroad at EC Montreal, we will give you the opportunity to immerse yourselves in all our city has to offer! Sunday, May 26 is Montreal’s yearly museum day!  An opportunity to visit 34 of Montreal’s museums and major art galleries free of charge!  See the Peru exhibition at the MMFA as well as new work in the museum’s sculpture garden, visit the MACM to see 10 years of critical yet playful work by experimental artist Michel de Broin and a solo show from Eve Sussman and her collaborative team Rufus Corporation, and go to Montreal’s history and archaeology museum Pointe-à-Callière for their Cultural Feast, May 25-26, a free outdoor event celebrating the diverse culinary history of Montreal: feast on everything from fish and chips to Japanese food (and there’s whiskey too.) Montreal’s museum day is unique to North America and we are so proud of this great initiative made by the city of Montreal!

“I Came Back to EC Montreal” – Marta Alicia Martinez

Marta was an EC Montreal student last year and she loved it!  She made sure she devoured everything our city had to offer!  She participated in many school activities, made friends with students from other countries and explored Montreal!  She was even part of our EC photo shoot last summer and appears in our 2013 catalogue!  She returned to Mexico at the end of last year but she couldn’t stay away….she came back to discover more Montreal! She is an absolute joy to have around and we are delighted to welcome her back!  We wish her much success with her language learning at EC Montreal!  She recommends us to her friends and wants to tell the world that everyone should study ESL abroad at EC Montreal! Here’s what she wants to share with everyone: EC Montreal is the best experience! This last year that I spend in EC Montreal was awesome, I don’t have words for describe it, and sincerely I recommend to all the people who want to learn and while learning have a great experience, I met people from all over the world and the staff is the best! I am so great with them! (:

Meet Marco Gori from Italy!

We have a retired professional soccer player studying with us at EC Montreal!  Meet Marco Gori!  He played soccer for 14 years with both A and B series all over Italy!  He is quite the celebrity!!  He is a true gentleman and it has been an honor to have met him.  Here is what he would like to share with all of us: I’m Marco, and I’m from Florence, Italy.  I stayed in Montreal a few weeks to visit my brother and his girlfriend who lives here.  During my stay I decide to attend an English class in order to improve my English.  I was looking for something available also for a short period of time, like 2 weeks.  Luckily I found EC School.  I spent 2 weeks here.  The school is well organized, the teachers are good and competent, and the lessons are never boring and the employees friendly and available for any requests.  Although probably 2 weeks is not a long time I could improve my English and meet plenty of people.  I’d suggest EC School to anyone who wants to learn a new language and to have a great life experience in a beautiful city!