Message from Ben Wilner: “Come Back to EC Montreal’s Teen Language Adventure Programme!”

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It is officially the start of my third year at EC! Two years ago, I was a summer monitor, and last summer, I was one of the two coordinators of our summer program. This summer, I am the Coordinator of our summer program, and I have many fond memories of my experiences so far. I know that this summer will continue the happy trend I started years ago.

The entire EC Montreal team and I would like to thank you for having joined us over the past few summers. The Teen Language Adventure has been, and continues to be, a great success. We know we could not have done it without you, the students and families who came and spent some truly memorable and exciting time with us.

This summer, the Teen Language Adventure program has changed its name to Young Learners. Rest assured that, though our name has changed, the experience of spending a summer with EC Montreal is just as exhilarating as it has been in years past.

As a former student in the Teen Language Adventure / Young Learners program, you know what a summer with us is like, and we know just how much enjoyment you have brought us. In addition, your feedback over the years has helped us improve the program in many important ways. We make sure we are always getting better, so we can offer you the best experience possible.

We would like to invite you back to spend another great summer with us in Montreal!



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