F1 Fever in Montreal!

f1 fever

Montreal is one of two North American cities that hosts the Grand Prix.  This event is a very big deal to Montrealers!  The entire city gets involved and there is a F1 fever in the air.  There are parties in the city center and the Ferrari club of Montreal puts on quite a show in Little Italy every year.

This time of year many celebrities come to Montreal for this event.  It is such an exciting time for us!

f1 fever 3

Every year we want our EC Montreal students to get a taste of this F1 buzz!  We make sure to have a F1 party where we decorate with checkered flags and serve sparkling wine and cake.  This year our cakes were decorated with racing cars.  This tiny detail really added to the fun!

f1 fever 2

Our staff dressed up in F1 gear and mingled with our EC Montreal students and gave them information on where the F1 parties were taking place and where they could still score tickets to the main event!



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