In Montreal…

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In Montreal…there are over 6000 restaurants, so you can get a taste of many cuisines of the world!

In Montreal…there are over 200 ethnicities represented, so no matter where you are from, you will feel at home!

In Montreal…you can learn both English and French, so no matter where you choose to live or what you choose to do, you will be successful!

In Montreal…there is an underground city over 33 kilometers large, so you can escape the humid summer weather, rainy days or snow storms while shopping, eating and having fun!

In Montreal…old meets new, so you can get a taste of Europe in North America!

In Montreal…we have one of the most efficient transportation systems in the world, so you can get around on your own two feet!

In Montreal…there are on-going festivals throughout the year, so you can have a new adventure every day!

In Montreal…there is an amazing school called EC, so you can make friends, accomplish your language objectives and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Sounds like an amazing city, doesn’t it!?  Our EC Montreal students think so!  What are you waiting for, come join us and discover Montreal with EC!



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