International Loto-Quebec Fireworks

EC Montreal recommends a thrilling way to spend a summer evening in the city: the International Fireworks Festival It happens every summer at La Ronde,Quebec’s largest amusement park, located on Isle Sainte-Helene in Montreal.

fireworks activity

It is an amazing competition, featuring a fabulous mix of music and fireworks, with different themes. This year begins with  Australia, Magic of the Movies, on Saturday 22th June. All shows start at 10PM.  The summer schedule of shows is as follows:



22th Saturday

England 28th Friday


China 5th Friday
Spain 12th Friday
USA 20th Saturday
Croatia 24th Wednesday
Canada 27th Saturday
Italy 31st Wednesday


Final one 3rd Saturday

You can buy a ticket online from $59.64 to $63.64, depending on seating. This price includes entrance to La Ronde during the day. Tickets can be boughtdirectly at the La Ronde office; they’re going fast! To enjoy the show for free, relaxing on the grass in the old port still offers a great view of the aerial festivities.

Come with your friends, enjoy the show, and cheer on your country!









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