August Social Events!


August is right around the corner and EC Montreal is ready to wow its students with more amazing activities!  Our August theme is ‘Summer Fun’!  Every Wednesday in August, our students will be treated to fun-filled events and an opportunity to interact with each other and our EC Montreal team!

The month will begin with an ice cream bar!  Each table in the student lounge will be transformed into an ice cream station with cones, sweet toppings and sprinkles!  We can’t wait to see our students create their masterpiece desserts!


As August is corn season in the province of Quebec, our taste of Montreal on August 14 will be a corn roast.  We will be grilling sweet white corn on our indoor bbq.  We will also be serving corn salsa and other delicious corn snacks!

beach day

On August 21 EC Montreal will host another fun beach party with grilled hot dogs and tropical drinks!  We will be listening to summer tunes and toasting the joy of summer!


How about an XBOX party to end the month!?  EC Montreal will host a video game tournament to see who has the most skill!

We look forward to another wonderful month filled with fun, laughter and new friendships!

Life is sweet as corn at EC Montreal!!



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